Dress codes were created with the intent to keep students from wearing inappropriate outfits: looks that promote violence, drug use, or hate speech. However, most dress codes are used to shame girls.

Little girls are being dress coded for having legs, having arms, having chests, and simply having bodies. For one middle school student from Montana, her shoulders were the offenders.

Vegas, an 11-year-old girl, was dress coded by school administrators on Picture Day.

Her offense? Wearing a dress that revealed her shoulders.

Vegas' grandmother posted a photo of what she was wearing, featuring the little girl in tears.

While the school did allow Vegas to wear the dress she chose for pictures, her parents had to bring her a change of clothes for her classes the rest of the day.

Vegas was told to change because of her distracting shoulders.

“She does not think that boys even look at her!” her grandmother pointed out to Yahoo. “If boys are looking at the shoulders and saying sexy things to a little girl, they need the attention, not Vegas.”

Vegas was crying as a result of the school making a fuss over her shoulders. 

“I had to talk to her — she was crying," Vegas' grandmother revealed. “I am mad at the school for body shaming her. Vegas said that she does not want to talk about it because it still upsets her.”

The post went viral on Facebook, with other parents and former students supporting Vegas and her pretty dress.

Vegas dress coded
photo: Facebook

Vegas even wore a pair of leggings under the dress, in case it was going to be considered too short.

The post has over 2,000 shares.

Vegas body shamed dress code
photo: Facebook

Despite trying to reason with the school, administrators told Vegas' family the case was closed.

Unfortunately, many schools are still targeting their female students' bodies, as opposed to the male students. Instead of telling little girls there's something inherently wrong or distracting about their shoulders, they need to educate boys that looking at a girls' bare arms, shoulders, or legs in a sexual way isn't OK.