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Rebel Wilson is famous for her ability to make anyone laugh until they cry, but it's not just her comedy skills that have gained her millions of fans — her rule-breaking sense of style has earned her scores of admirers too. Through her looks on the red carpet and in her street style, she regularly challenges dated Hollywood fashion rules for plus-size women

From wearing shimmering dresses in every color to rocking V-neck dresses with sheer elements, Wilson shows how curvy women don’t have to play it safe, onscreen or off. Here are 27 times Rebel Wilson didn’t care about “flattering” fashion rules:

Whoever said curvy girls shouldn't wear shimmer CLEARLY hadn't seen Wilson's stunning gold dress. 

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She's gone old Hollywood with her glitter for Marie Claire UK. 

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Wilson kept the shimmer party going in this red hot dress.

rebel wilson red glitter
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She knows that red shimmer is a winning combination. 

red dress rebel wilson
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Wilson's red dress proved that she doesn't fear color. 

rebel wilson red dress
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You WISH you had this much sparkle in your closet.

rebel wilson shimmer skirt
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She's worn metallic dresses in fierce silver. 

rebel wilson silver dress
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And she's worn bright green.

green dress Rebel Wilson
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Wilson rocked a pink dress with a slit on the red carpet in 2014. 

rebel wilson pink dress
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She delivered drama in this blue red carpet gown with texture. 

rebel wilson blue dress
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I LOVED this satin pink skirt. 

rebel wilson pink dress
photo: Eva Rinaldi / Splash News

She was a pin-up in prints when she walked the red carpet for her Rebel Wilson for Torrid collab. 

rebel wilson red dress
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When Wilson DOES decide to wear black, she doesn't play it safe. 

rebel wilson black gown
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This black dress with a deep V-neck had a sheer overlay. 

rebel wilson monkey red carpet

She also wore a black dress with a low-cut neckline.

When you match your pink hair to your dress and SLAY. 

See? Told you black dresses don't have to be boring. 

rebel wilson cute dress
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Wilson was basically a superhero in this black dress with a cape! 

rebel wilson cape
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Casual Rebel doesn't shy away from statement pieces, like this bright red shirt and voluminous coat. 

Gingham is coming back, so I hope Wilson wears this skirt again! 

rebel wilson gingham skirts

Wilson went biker chic in this black textured number. 

rebel wilson ladybug
photo: Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Can we all look this fabulous while boarding a plane? 

rebel wilson black pants
photo: Ron Asadorian / Splash News

When matching with the "Pitch Perfect" crew, she wore a striped shirt. 

Green isn't an easy color to pull off, but Wilson showed how it's done. 

Rebel wilson green pants
photo: Rob Latour for LE / Splash News

Plaid pants AND a cat T-shirt are the best way to break fashion rules. 

rebel wilson plaid pants
photo: Said Elatab / Splash News

And of course, never forget the time she was a Victoria's Secret Angel at the MTV Movie Awards in 2015. 

rebel wilson angel
photo: Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

With a new movie coming out this summer, I know that Wilson will continue to sport even more fierce and body-positive looks on the red carpet and off — and I can't wait!

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