As a plus-size woman, there are a few things left unsaid between me and my thinner friends. (Like, for instance, the best angle for a selfie.) Don't get me wrong, I love my skinny friends! There are just some tiny, not-a-huge-deal things I'd like them to know... 

Pretty please hold the camera UP when we're taking selfies together. Low angle selfies are not a good look for my chin(s) :)

photo: Vine/Omar Cossio

You're so sweet to offer me your jacket when it's cold! But babe, that won't fit me.

photo: giphy

I love shopping with you, but a lot of your stores don't carry my size.

photo: Giphy



When you call yourself fat it makes me feel like you think I'm SUPER fat. Also: No one talks shit about my BFF! Not even my BFF.

photo: Giphy



This one goes out to the tall (blessedly long-legged) girls with short friends: OMG WAIT UP!

photo: WCSN

Just because he's chubby doesn't mean you have to try and hook me up with him.

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Just make sure we have more in common than BMI ;)


I can't wait to be in your wedding! But I might need a different dress style than the other bridesmaids, cool?

photo: Startraks

Even if you forget all this I'll still love you. Yr my BFF and we in this for life.

photo: Giphy/Friends