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If the question is What Would Rihanna Do, then the answer is everything badass!

As if Fenty Beauty wasn't enough to snatch our wigs, Rihanna's just added the highly anticipated Savage X lingerie brand to her Fenty empire.

The extensive collection's bra sizes range from 32A to 44DD, and its underwear ranges from XS to 3X. It's great to see a celebrity designer putting in the effort to include a variety of body types, especially for a plus-size woman like myself.

But that doesn't mean I didn't have my doubts.

When I first learned Savage X would include plus sizes, I was skeptical. The internet rejoiced at the idea of inclusivity, but I delivered some RiRi-level side eye.

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A celebrity lingerie collection that includes plus sizes *sounded* exciting, but I couldn't help but wonder if RiRi would get it right. Would the sizing be accurate? Would things actually fit? 

But biggest wonder of all was: Would the plus-size pieces be as trendy and sexy as the straight size pieces? Because for most brands, the answer to that question is no.

But then THIS happened, and it made me ready to throw my money at Rihanna.

A few days after announcing the brand's size range, Savage X released a trailer featuring a visibly plus-size model, and I was shooketh! That single moment convinced me that I had to see what Savage X was all about. 

I ordered six pieces from the brand — here's what happened.

First, I tried the Floral Lace Baby Doll, $69, in a size 2X. The name of this piece is so fitting, because I absolutely felt like a baby doll.

photo: Revelist/Lauren Suarez

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The fit was perfect — it was very  flowy and comfortable. Although I wore a bra for this shoot (the top is semi-sheer), I later wore it bra-less and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of support I had in the bust area.

Because I have big boobs, most lingerie isn't very supportive  — which is why I was so impressed with this piece by Savage. Another highlight was also the adjustable straps, which can be loosened or tightened to your comfort level. This is a super plus for me.

The length of this baby doll was also great. I'm a tall girl and at 5'9 it fell mid-thigh and completely covered my butt in the back. 

Feeling very Savage indeed, this piece had me waiting on bae like...

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And what goes better with this sexy lingerie than furry heels? These fluffy sandals ($40, Yandy) were the PERFECT accessory to help me unleash my inner Savage.

Next I tried the Embroidered Lace Bra, $54, in a 40DD. This piece was unlined, which as a large-breasted girl had me feeling NERVOUS.

photo: Revelist/Lauren Suarez

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I was a bit skeptical before trying this bra on. "Unlined" typically means "no support," and I didn't want to let the girls down. To my surprise this bra was the exact opposite, and proved to be very supportive. The cups provided full coverage, the back panel was super soft, and I loved the satin ribbon lace-up at center front. It is the perfect feminine finish — a little detail that many plus-size lingerie lines skip altogether.

I paired the bra with matching panties, the Lace Back Hipster, $19, in a 2X. To my surprise, they fit exactly as advertised.

photo: Revelist/Lauren Suarez

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(These panties are sheer, and I can't show you my rear on the internet, so the model serves to show you what the back looks like.)

These hipsters are super sexy, and definitely run true to size. My belly area is comfortable, and the elastic waistband provided extra support. You would assume a completely lace back would be itchy and uncomfortable, but these panties felt soft and luxurious. The fishnet and floral lace even had stretch! Rihanna really thought about bigger bodies — she didn't just take a straight size piece and make it larger.

Additionally, how great are these feathery robes? Although Savage *did* offer fluffy robes in plus sizes, they were sold out! Instead, I found an alternative version in these red and white deluxe feather robes ($70, Yandy), which gave my looks just the right touch of glamour — and truly are one size fits most.

Then I tried my favorite piece from the collection, the Lace Teddy, $69, in a 2X. This was the piece that I was the most excited to try on — and luckily, Rihanna came through for me once again.

photo: Revelist/Lauren Suarez

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The fit on the 2X was absolute perfection. The halter neck tie allowed me to adjust the top to my comfort level, and gave me good support.

The only thing I have to call out is that because of the deep V-cut neckline and the cheeky butt design, it is very revealing. However it is lingerie, so minimal coverage is expected! Duh! 

Without a doubt, this lace teddy was definitely my absolute favorite piece from the collection!!!

photo: Revelist/Lauren Suarez

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There aren't nearly enough truly sexy lingerie lines that make clothes in plus sizes, and I'm so happy that Rihanna designed pieces that let us embrace our inner Savages, too. 

Lastly, I tried the Floral Mesh Lace Bra, $44, in a 40DD. This bra like many pieces in the collection comes in a variety of colors. Shade Brown Sugar complimented my skin tone perfectly.

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The color was amazing, but the fit knocked me back. Would you believe me if I told you this bra has sooooo much stretch? Well, it does! Lace is one of the most unforgiving, non-stretchy materials out there, yet Savage X managed to design a bra that is actually quite comfortable.

I paired the bra with the matching High-Waist Lace Brief, $21, in a 2X.

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I love a good pair of high-waist briefs. They are the perfect substitute to wearing Spanx underneath form-fitting clothing, when I choose to do so. The Savage X pair exceeded my expectations. The material was very stretchy, and the brief managed to hold in my belly without being too tight. These will definitely be a favorite in my panty drawer.

Together, the set is a must have!

plus size lingerie
photo: Revelist /Lauren Suarez

For some designers sizing a plus-size body seems to be a difficult task, but Rihanna got it right! Feeling sexy and savage, Savage X Fenty is inclusive, affordable, and trendy. More brands should take notes.

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photo: Revelist /Lauren Suarez

I will definitely be adding more pieces to my wardrobe. Rihanna has blessed us yet again.