Savage X Fenty finally hit the web on May 11, and fans immediately launched into frenzy mode to try to grab Rihanna's highly anticipated lingerie. 

Though the lingerie has been met with lots of good reviews, fans are still calling out the brand for falling short in a very important area: cup-size inclusivity.

However, Savage X Fenty has already addressed the issue!

While Rihanna took care to inform the world that Savage X Fenty would include lingerie sizes that suit women of any size, the actual size chart tells another story. 

"Savages come in all shapes and sizes!! Ya ready?" she teased in the caption of a body-positive video ad for the lingerie brand.

The initial size inquiry on the brand's pre-launch website also had bra size options that went up to 44DDD.

Unfortunately, the actual cup sizes on the current Savage x Fenty website only go up to 44DD. 

People with larger busts often have a difficult time finding bras that are the right size *and* provide adequate support, so the idea of Savage x Fenty going higher up the sizing chart had a LOT of people excited and would have been monumental.

Some curvy women — like influencer Kelly Augustine — couldn't order any of the Savage x Fenty cup bra sizes. Augustine had to settle for bralettes only.

"I bought bralettes in three colors — they’re crazy comfortable," Augustine shared about her bra shopping experience.  "The bras with cups aren’t offered in my size.. .they usually aren’t. Lol [For reference, I’m wearing a 3X and I’m a 36K in bras usually] Happy shopping."

While Augustine enjoys her bralettes, it still would have been super cool for her to be able to grab other bras in her size to get the full Savage x Fenty experience. 

It's also important to note that bralettes don't always provide the coverage and support that women with bigger busts want and/or need.

Augustine wasn't alone in her experience. Other potential Savage x Fenty shoppers were also put off by the sizing. 

"Fenty x Savage doesn't offer 42DDD so I'll be over here shopping at boring ass Lane Bryant," one fan wrote.

A lot of people were disappointed by the "size-inclusive" marketing versus what they saw IRL.

"I’m sorry, but Savage X Fenty didn’t dazzle me one bit," another fan wrote.

"The line claimed to be size inclusive, but cup sizes didn’t go past DD, and the plus lingerie options were limited & minimal. I love Rihanna, but it was disappointing."

Some of Rihanna's fans are feeling left out, and that really sucks.

"When Savage Fenty doesn’t cater to your bra size so you can only watch others enjoy it...Kinda disappointed there," a fan shared.

One fan took the issue STRAIGHT to Savage x Fenty.

"My boobs are too big for @SavageXFenty I'm upset," the fan shared, complete with a sad face.

Luckily, Savage X Fenty actually had a response that promises hope for bigger busts in the near future!

"Don't worry Em. We are on the beginning and soon there will be more sizes and styles to come! Don't forget to opt-in to receive all the updates emails from SavageXFenty," the brand confirmed. 

There you have it: Rihanna's just getting started with the bra sizing for Savage x Fenty.

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Though this eventual roll-out is great, it would be a huge error not to point out how inclusive Rihanna's Fenty Beauty foundation line was for people with dark skin. Unlike other beauty brands (ahem, Tarte!), Rihanna purposefully dropped 40 shades so that for once, dark-skinned people wouldn't have to be last in line to get a match. 

Rihanna acknowledged the struggle that people with deeper skin tones than her experience with finding foundation and made it her business to make them feel included.

It's interesting that with her lingerie brand, she took a different approach. Let's hope the larger bra sizes drop SOON so that everyone can have a good time at this Savage lingerie party!  

After all, "Savages come in all shapes and [cup] sizes." 

Right, Rih?

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