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There you have it: Rihanna's just getting started with the bra sizing for Savage x Fenty.

photo: Giphy

Though this eventual roll-out is great, it would be a huge error not to point out how inclusive Rihanna's Fenty Beauty foundation line was for people with dark skin. Unlike other beauty brands (ahem, Tarte!), Rihanna purposefully dropped 40 shades so that for once, dark-skinned people wouldn't have to be last in line to get a match. 

Rihanna acknowledged the struggle that people with deeper skin tones than her experience with finding foundation and made it her business to make them feel included.

It's interesting that with her lingerie brand, she took a different approach. Let's hope the larger bra sizes drop SOON so that everyone can have a good time at this Savage lingerie party!  

After all, "Savages come in all shapes and [cup] sizes." 

Right, Rih?

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