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Suzette responded and acknowledged that Forever 21 has only a few options.

"Hi, I totally understand but there is a couple shirts that are come in our sizes," Suzette responded. "I really hope I can have the opportunity again to create a collection with a [lot] more for us plus size girls."

Do note that Selena's OWN SISTER identifies herself as a plus-size woman. 

photo: CW

By the way, that hoodie Suzette wore on Instagram from The White Rose collection is one of the few menswear offerings, not from the straight or plus-size designs. 

How does a retailer create a collection dedicated to a late music icon, invite the singer's sibling to the meet-and-greet/launch event, and overlook the fact that plus-size shoppers (who the sibling identifies with) are underserved?  

Make it make sense, Forever 21.