Izabella uses her Hogwarts tattoo to flirt.

photo: Revelist/Jessica Torres
Growing up, I thought I'd have to lose weight to feel sexy. My definition of the word equaled big boobs, a flat stomach, and a round booty. Later in life I realized sexy means something different to everyone, which is why I'm fascinated by the things that make other women feel sexy and sensual. 

Below, I asked 14 women about the body features that make them feel the sexiest. Their answers prove sexiness goes far beyond just having a Kardashian booty.

Rhapsody Artajo spent her entire life hiding her favorite body part — her back. 

"I like showing my back now because I have spent so many years trying to hide the lumps and bumps. 'Always hide the fat' is what society taught me growing up. When I first showed it off it was a moment of freedom for me. Yes, I felt vulnerable. But this time not in a scared way — in a powerful way," she confessed.

"My lips are definitely my favorite part of my body. I like how they frame my smile and curl up when I laugh," said Alexa LaRosa.

"I knew I loved my lips when I attempted to draw them for an art class in college. Drawing may not be in my future, but I’ve found my lips to be cute ever since! I like to show them off with a classic red lipstick; Cruella by NARS is my favorite!" said Alex.

Plus-size blogger LaToya Wright finds beauty in the roundness of her stomach. 

"I love to show off my stomach. I know that's surprising — I don't have abs, my tummy isn't flat, and I have stretch marks. When I wear a crop top, to me it's like wearing a superhero cape. I feel powerful and sexy. Being a plus-size woman, people look at me when I walk into a room, so I love to bless them with a little skin," said LaToya.

Symmone Hendrix learned to love her hips after becoming a mom. 

favorite body part
photo: Symonne Hendrix

"My hips are my favorite body part. They give my short frame some shape, especially since I have long legs. The moment that made me like them was entering into motherhood. I show them off by wearing high-waist clothing or bodycon dresses," said Symonne.

Jennifer Buckingham spent years comparing her legs to others, but taking full-body pictures for her blog made her realize how amazing they are. 

"Growing up, I was a dancer since the age of three, but never had a 'typical' dancer's build. Your lines with your arms and legs are such a big part of dance, and I used to compare mine to the other girls who were much smaller. As time has gone on, I have really grown to love them. A big part of that was blogging and seeing pictures where my legs were out in all their glory. I think they have a fabulous shape and I love wearing dresses as well as swimwear. More importantly, my legs are strong and I am so grateful they provide a way for me to get from one place to another," said Jennifer.

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes' mid-section guides all of her outfit choices. 

"I don’t have the smallest waist by far, but when I emphasize my waist, it gives my figure a nice balance. Someone once asked why I wear petticoats if it makes my butt look bigger. Besides loving fluffy, whimsical clothes, I think a petticoat under my skirt gives my waist even more emphasis. For my body, the emphasis makes me feel more proportional and confident, even if I’m still rocking those belly rolls," said Kristina.

Nothing makes Jataisha Jenkins feel sexier than showing off her collarbone. 

photo: Jataisha Jenkins

"I’ve always loved how strong yet feminine my collarbone looks. Whether I gained or lost weight, my collarbone is always defined. Since I have very sensitive skin, I break out on my chest and back. I realized that even though my chestne (chest acne) may be bad, I can wear an off-the-shoulder top to display my clavicle and still feel confident in what I wore," said Jataisha.

Alexis Katie loves how her powerful smile can create a positive vibe. 

"My smile is my favorite part of my body. I know that if I wake up with one, my day is going to be good. It's very infectious: I walk into the office and I greet everyone with a smile on my face and it sets the vibe," said Alexis.

Crystal Daniels shows off her 'fluffy six-pack' every chance she gets. 

"As I’ve gotten older, I’ve witnessed myself replenishing my confidence in every aspect of my body, including my stomach. Yes, I have stretch marks, back rolls, and what I like to call a fluffy six-pack. It's a major act of rebellion when you have the confidence to show off your stomach. From a fashion and style aspect, I feel like everything is edgier and more stylish when it comes in the form of a crop top. You will catch me in a crop or bandeaux top across all seasons," said Crystal."

Maui B had to overcome years of negative comments to love her legs. 

photo: Maui B
"Most of my life people have said, 'Your legs are too small for your size' or 'Your legs are ugly.' For years I absorbed that and hid my legs. Even as an empowered plus-size woman, I hated my legs. However, over time I begin to understand that loving me meant loving all of me, and I started wearing shorter skirts and shorts even though I was uncomfortable. It made me feel strong and free the more I did it — and now I'm slaying and showing these legs," said Maui.

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva was always told she had a "pretty face for a big girl." 

"Since I was only complimented for my face, I struggled to appreciate my body. I never took the time to learn to love my body. I started with my neck, wearing necklaces and then showing off my shoulders. I found out they were really sexy, especially my freckles! I try to wear off-the-shoulder dresses or tops and show them off. I feel extra pretty those days," said Jennifer.

Izabella Zaydenberg decorated her favorite body part — her biceps — with a Harry Potter tattoo. 

favorite body part
photo: Revelist/ Izabella Zaydenberg

"Ever since I got my bicep tattoo a few years ago, I loved showing it off. I would purposely wear sleeveless tops and dresses on dates or when going out with my friends, and the tattoo ALWAYS led to conversation. I even prompted people to guess what my tattoo is on my OkCupid and Bumble. Nearly everyone guessed that it was the New York skyline, Dracula's castle, or an EKG reading. It's not — it's Hogwarts — and if they guessed it right, they nearly always got a free drink on me," said Izabella.

Mary Anderson's naturally defined calf muscles used to make her to feel self-conscious. 

favorite body part
photo: Revelist/ Jessica Torres

"Now I love the shape of my legs," she said. "They're powerful and they show that I'm not to be messed with! I've learned that sexy legs aren't just one shape. They can be muscular, they can be curvy, they can be thin or thicc; whatever the case, just rock it."

Finally, Shaina Tucker lets her eyes do all the talking, or should I say the seducing?

"My eyes are definitely something I use when I feel most confident," she told me. "I let what I'm thinking or feeling come through. I show off by taking pride doing my eye makeup. Rocking my favorite mascara is another tool that makes me feel on top of the world."

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