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Izabella Zaydenberg decorated her favorite body part — her biceps — with a Harry Potter tattoo. 

favorite body part
photo: Revelist/ Izabella Zaydenberg

"Ever since I got my bicep tattoo a few years ago, I loved showing it off. I would purposely wear sleeveless tops and dresses on dates or when going out with my friends, and the tattoo ALWAYS led to conversation. I even prompted people to guess what my tattoo is on my OkCupid and Bumble. Nearly everyone guessed that it was the New York skyline, Dracula's castle, or an EKG reading. It's not — it's Hogwarts — and if they guessed it right, they nearly always got a free drink on me," said Izabella.

Mary Anderson's naturally defined calf muscles used to make her to feel self-conscious. 

favorite body part
photo: Revelist/ Jessica Torres

"Now I love the shape of my legs," she said. "They're powerful and they show that I'm not to be messed with! I've learned that sexy legs aren't just one shape. They can be muscular, they can be curvy, they can be thin or thicc; whatever the case, just rock it."

Finally, Shaina Tucker lets her eyes do all the talking, or should I say the seducing?

"My eyes are definitely something I use when I feel most confident," she told me. "I let what I'm thinking or feeling come through. I show off by taking pride doing my eye makeup. Rocking my favorite mascara is another tool that makes me feel on top of the world."

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