A couple of weeks ago, Sarah Hyland had a minor wardrobe malfunction: Her black Spanx showed through a cutout on her dress.

Hyland had a good attitude about the whole thing, laughing it off. However, many commenters pointed out that a body like Hyland's doesn't even "need" Spanx, because she's already skinny.

The problem with the Hyland situation (and others like it) is that it proves people view Spanx (and all shapewear) as a negative thing.

There's nothing inherently bad about wearing shapewear, whether it's to flatten our stomachs or make our butts look smoother or make our arm jiggle less prominent. As evidenced by Hyland, people of all shapes and sizes can and do wear Spanx — not just curvy or plus-size women.

Many wear Spanx shorts under dresses to prevent a wardrobe ~situation.~

Beyonce Spanx
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Some celebrities, like Queen Bey, wear Spanx to keep everything in check. They don't roll down, are totally opaque, and ensure no one has a chance to sneak a peek if you don't want them to.

You can love your body AND love Spanx.

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Hey, guess what? I love my body AND I wear Spanx whenever I wear a tight dress. SUE ME.

We asked plus-size bloggers about shapewear and body positivity before, and literally not one of them thought wearing it meant you weren't body positive. It's your body and your choice, and if you choose to wear shapewear, wear shapewear.

Shapewear doesn't have to come at the cost of loving your body. The two don't go hand-in-hand. A lot of people who wear Spanx do it to keep their pantylines from showing or to keep clothes from awkwardly bunching.

Really, it's no different than choosing to wear black because it's slimming or cinching a belt around your waist — both are styling tricks, and don't detract from loving your body in any way.

Certain body types aren't obligated to wear Spanx, nor are certain body types forbidden from wearing them.

It's all about what you want to do for your body. If you want to wear shapewear, wear it. If you don't, don't. No one can tell you what to wear or what you look good in. It's that simple. 

Besides, assuming everyone who wears Spanx is only wearing them to look slimmer is a disservice and a lie. We don't think Hyland was wearing Spanx to appear skinnier, nor do we think Jenner wears hers to make her waist appear smaller. Whatever your reasons for wearing Spanx are, they're your reasons — and even if they include looking slimmer, that's totally your thing. You do you, always.

People who wear Spanx aren't "lying" or "hiding" their real body.

The people who claim Spanx is perpetuating a "lie" are usually the same people who claim women who wear a full face of makeup are "liars." 

Saying Spanx-wearers are "hiding" their true selves or aren't being totally honest about their bodies is just ridiculous. It's like wearing high heels — you're accentuating what you like about your body.

And not all shapewear has to hurt.

Additionally, there's this misconception that Spanx or other forms of shapewear have to hurt, and that's totally not the case. There are plenty of different kinds with varying degrees of stretchiness. I'm personally all for the Thinstincts shorts, as they don't cut off my circulation and don't dig into my skin.

Always remember to do what makes you feel good about your body — Spanx or no Spanx.