In case you haven't heard, boobs are back. To commemorate this momentous occasion, a company called Ta-Ta Towel created a towel just for your girls. 

Whether you call it a boob towel, boob hammocks, boob pillow, or boob holster, it's kind of like a hug for your breasts and we are 100% here for it. 

The Ta-Ta Towel is perfect for post-shower boob drip.

Breastfeeding moms love it, too.

Getting a relaxing start to this #weekend in the green reversible #TaTaTowel loungewear.

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Ta-Ta Towels are designed for cup sizes C to H.

Doing our best to stay cool during this #heatwave in the reversible floral #TaTaTowel.

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They're even reversible for the ultimate boob fashion statement.

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Thanks to a strap in the back, they're also adjustable.

Whip up a little #breakfast in comfort in the reversible Green/Polkadot #TaTaTowel.

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$45 is a small price to pay for ultimate under boob comfort.