Model Tabria Majors is having a major moment.

The plus-size star is going to be featured in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, plus her copied looks from the Victoria's Secret catalog made headlines for weeks.

However, not everyone's a fan of the model's meteoric rise: body shamers couldn't wrap their minds around a plus-size woman finding success.

In a clapback for the ages, Majors made a video about hate comments. 

Wearing a bikini, Majors read some of the fat-shaming comments she receives, all in a hilarious voice.

"Those are not curves," she read. "That is unwanted and unhealthy body fat that she should reduce to a healthy level."

"She seems nice," another commenter wrote. "But not suited for a runway."

The comments ranged from trolls criticizing Majors' weight to attacking her potential as a model.

"There's a difference between being curvy and fat," she sarcastically recited.

"What's with the fat girls?" another commenter asked. 

"She should excercise and stop eating, not model!" Majors read in a high-pitched tone.

One commenter even said she won't be able to "walk up steps in a few years."


Despite the onslaught of bullshit comments, Majors isn't letting a single one get to her.

"I'm Tabria Majors," she captioned the now-viral video. "I weigh 218 lbs, and I don't care if you hate my body because I love it."

Bye bye, haters. BUH BYE.

Majors' comments were flooded with fans cheering her on.

The opinions of haters and body shamers belong in one place: the trash.

Majors is perfect just the way she is.

And all haters who say otherwise, y'all can keep whining (from your seats.)