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It seems like no matter what women do, there's someone out there ready to shame us.

Model, mom, and newlywed Caitlin McHugh — married to our eternal crush John Stamos —  found that out firsthand this weekend. After hateful trolls came for her on social media, she decided that she was absolutely 100% NOT having it, and dropped jaws everywhere with her fire response.


Four months ago, Caitlin — a model and maybe actual Disney princess — gave birth to her first child with husband Stamos.

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photo: @caitlinskybound / Instagram

After what she described as "a long hiatus (growing a baby)," McHugh is going back to work — a nerve-wracking experience for any new mom.

Her Instagram indicates she's signed with Wilhemina Models.


McHugh is clearly having a blast being back in front of the camera. Over the weekend, she shared an Instagram story of herself dancing on set to "Red, Red Wine." In the video, you can see a small tattoo on her leg.

caitlin mchugh
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Instead of seeing this as an expression of joy, some unfortunate haters thought the best use of their time was to try to hurt Caitlin by shaming her in triplicate — mom-shaming, body-shaming, and tattoo-shaming.

Yes. Really.


In a cruel message, one of the trolls wrote "Gross. You're a Mother now, tattoo and all."

Because apparently moms can't have fun, wear bikinis, OR have tattoos.

*rolls eyes*


But McHugh wasn't having ANY of it. Her fire response? "Not as gross as trolling."

caitlin mchugh
photo: @caitlinskybound / Instagram Stories

She may have ended her clapback with the waving goodbye emoji, but in our hearts we're adding hundreds of applause hands.


The scrutiny that women face when it comes to bodies and motherhood is already COMPLETELY wild — and the fact that so many have to face it while pretending "that's just how things are" is hurtful and untrue.

That's why it's so important for women with a large public platform, like Caitlin, to publicly say "Hey, you can't talk to people this way."

Because NOBODY is entitled to comment on anyone else's bodies. Ever. Not for any reason.


But trolls won't stop McHugh from pursuing all her dreams — whether her tattoos are visible or not.


There are a million different ways to be a mom AND a person in this world. Trolls should have no power over how we live our lives.


McHugh's husband, "Fuller House" star and eternal crush John Stamos, definitely agrees.

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(Because there's no wrong way to be a dad — or a Daddy — either.)


So get to steppin', haters — Caitlin has NO TIME for your baloney.

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People of Earth — wear exactly what you want. Get the tattoos you've always dreamed of. Show them off as much, or as little, as you like.

And if anyone tries to call you "gross" — just like Caitlin Said, there's nothing grosser than being judgmental.

*drops mic*