Tess Holliday is sharing a part of her life that she surely knows will be controversial, and may even cost her fans.

The plus-size model and body positive advocate recently revealed that she's considering having some cosmetic work done by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami.

"Today I had a great conversation with my friend Dr. Ghavami about what my options are to work on some of the things the [sun] and mothering two children has done to my body," Holliday wrote on Instagram.

As the founder of the social media campaign #EffYourBeautyStandards, Holliday wants her fans to know that you can make changes to your body and still be body positive. 

"Part of what I aim to do with #EffYourBeautyStandards is to let people feel like they are allowed to make choices for their own body," she wrote.

"Whether that is shaving or not, getting tattooed or pierced, working out to change your body, or choosing to undergo plastic surgery — you are allowed to love your body and still want to change things about yourself."

While the overwhelming response was thankful and positive, there was also a backlash.

"This is the exact opposite of 'effing' other people's beauty standards. This is surgically altering your body to fit other people's standards," one commenter wrote.

But Holliday herself says it best: "As long as YOU are in charge of your body, and are doing it to make YOU happy, then what you do with your body is your business!"

We will 100% co-sign that statement. It's OK to want to change things about yourself for your own happiness. 

And the havoc that childbirth can wreak on a woman's body goes far beyond a few vanity pounds — it can completely change the shape of your breasts and leave your body scarred in more ways than one. 

Women (and men!) take enough heat for the way society thinks they should look; let's not start shaming them for looking the way they actually want to look.