Tess Holliday has rocked major fashion magazine covers and been a brand ambassador for companies like Torrid and Benefit Cosmetics. But before this year, she had never walked in a New York Fashion Week runway show for a major designer. And I just want to know what took so long?

The supermodel strutted her stuff in a white printed dress for Chromat, and shook all of her famous curves in a bodacious pose at the end of the catwalk. The size-inclusive, body-positive brand is known for keeping it real on the runway, so it only makes sense that Holliday would walk for this fashion house. 

The supermodel had the best walk and style as she strutted down the runway at the Chromat show. 

Holliday looked flawless in her white Chromat dress with "Sample Size" emblazoned across the fabric. The print is an ironic commentary on the primarily small sample sizes that are standard in the fashion industry. Holliday rocked the crap out of the custom look that call attention to the industry's exclusion of plus-size bodies. 

The supermodel was honored to walk in the show and included a heartfelt caption on the video she shared. She wrote, "Last night was my first time walking for a major designer in #nyfw and I can’t think of anyone better to experience this with than @chromat!"

She also gave a shoutout to Chromat's creative director, "Thank you @beccamccharentran — you’re changing the industry one runway at a time." 

Holliday stayed emotional well after the runway show was over. 

This was a huge moment for the supermodel's career. A few years ago, someone who looked like Holliday at a size 22 would never have been featured on a New York Fashion Week runway. But now that the industry is evolving for the better, she was given an incredible opportunity. 

Holliday shared this group photo and felt all of the feelings. She wrote in her caption, "Last night was hands down, one of the most memorable and emotional moments of my entire career … hell, my life!" 

She continued, "This is what diversity looks like, this is the future. We have always been here, but no one paid attention or cared because most of us pictured are outside of status quo of what’s considered traditionally 'beautiful.'" 

Holliday received tons of love and support from her friends and fans. 

The 34-year-old had plenty of supportive comments from celebrities like Jonathan Van Ness, Paris Hilton, and Claudia Floraunce. Aside from the people who walked alongside her and supported her at the show, the supermodel was grateful for the vastly positive response she received for walking on the NYFW runway. 

Holliday has always been an advocate for body positivity and seeing diversity in the fashion industry, and was proud to be a part of a team that was representative of all people. 

"We deserve to take up space, and trust me, we will. To know that I’ve spent my entire career advocating for more diversity in the fashion industry, and to be able to share the runway with so many others with the same mission was a feeling I will never forget. Representation matters. We matter. You matter. Never give up or give in," Holliday continued in her Instagram caption. 

Chromat has always been inclusive in its runway shows, as is evidenced from seasons past. 

Chromat featured differently-abled bodies, plus-size women, middle-of-the-road-size women, different races, and all genders — all kinds have been represented by the swim- and bodywear brand. Chromat's focus is on swimwear, leggings, and T-shirts that fit comfortably on all forms. 

Its mission statement on its site says it all: "We hope that every time you wear Chromat, it reinforces the message that there are many different versions of beautiful and that every body is worthy of love, acceptance and empowering swimwear."