photo: Facebook/ Tess Holliday
Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Sports Illustrated model Ashley Graham have said publicly that the term "plus-size" needs to go away. 

“It shouldn’t be about labels,” said Graham at an SXSW panel discussion. “I think the word plus-size is totally outdated." Meanwhile, McCarthy says the term creates division: "You're saying, 'You don't get what everybody else gets. You have to go shop up by the tire section," she told Refinery 29.
But size 22 supermodel Tess Holliday is firmly on the other side of the debate. 
photo: Twitter/ Tess Holliday
Holliday wears her plus-size badge loud and proud. She reposted her pro-plus tweet on Instagram with the below caption:

There are plenty of things to get offended about, but taking a term that's never been used in hate and is merely a descriptor and trying to take away OUR community is not cool. #PlusSizeAndProud

She makes a good point. It isn't just a term — it's also the root of many body positivity hashtags and the primary identifier of an entire community. 

However, for the purposes of modeling and retail, McCarthy is right about anything labeled "plus-size" being relegated to a tiny corner. That needs to change.