While we wouldn't trade our mermaid thighs for anything, you can't deny that they don't come without a bit of trouble. 

It doesn't matter if you are thick, thin, or somewhere in between — if your thighs touch, you know the struggle. 

Two words: CHUB. RUB.

Summer can be especially heinous.

When they get too damn sweaty.

photo: GIphy

When this happens to your favorite pair of jeans:

Summer dresses without shorts? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

photo: Giphy

When you see a killer pair of thigh-high boots and know they can never be yours.

photo: Giphy

And pantyhose is always trying to play you.

thich thigh
photo: Revelist

Pencil skirts might as well be straight jackets.

stretchy skirt
photo: Torrid

Though this one from Torrid is nice and stretchy. $29.17

When you walked too far in too-tight jeans.

photo: Youtube/jstustudios

And you have to constantly adjust your shorts from riding up.

photo: Giphy

Despite all the struggles, we still love our thick thighs!

photo: Giphy