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Iskra Lawrence is definitely on team #thighbrow.

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I think we can all agree that the thigh gap trend was bullshit. 

Of course I'm not saying that bodies with thigh gaps are bullshit, because all bodies are smokin' and God bless you and your form, whether it's a size 2 or 22. 

What I'm saying is that the "trend" of thigh gaps is bullshit. Because it's not attainable for most women and it reinforces the idea that beauty (and sexiness) only comes in one size. 

Praise Sheezus, we now have the anti-thigh-gap...

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the thigh roll.

Well, its Instagram name is actually #Thighbrow.

???????? #thighbrow

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Thighbrows are those two upside down smiles that happen between your thigh and your hips when you sit on your knees.

It's a thigh meat fat roll and it's sexy AF.

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It pains me to say that very few plus-size women have discovered this fat-friendly tag. So I humbly submit it for your next #effyourbeautystandards or #thickthighssavelives post.

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Regardless, thighbrows, or thigh rolls as I prefer to call them, got me thinking...

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Fat rolls are hot.

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Really hot.

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Back rolls? Also hot.

IN CLOSING: This is the only thigh gap I'm concerned about.

And also this:

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