things plus size bodies can't do
photo: Instagram/Revlon
Body shaming and stereotypes can last a lifetime... First we suffer through the mean boys and girls in school, then we graduate to the backhanded compliments at work and in our social lives. 

But things are changing. Plus-size women are covering men's magazines; women like you and me are showing all the amazing things we do in our daily lives (from pole dancing to rock climbing) on Instagram; and curve bloggers are killing the style game.   

That said, let's review some of the things people think we can't/shouldn't do. And let's also smash them to smithereens.

Our bodies don't look good in motion. Dancing isn't for us.

WERK WERK WERK WERK WERK WERK. Do not come at me with this bull or I will actually twirl on you. 

See-through clothing is out of the question.

Naked dresses are my specialty. 

Gravity defying yoga poses? Nope. bigger bodies can't bend like that.

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Seriously, don’t try it.

Just because we're big doesn't mean we aren't bendy! Our bodies can be conditioned to anything we want. 

Magazine covers? Never.

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We see you, Anna Wintour, and we're coming for your cover. 

Obviously we shouldn't model lingerie.

Sorry to anyone whose computer screen caught fire just now. Send the bill to her :)

You'll be miserable if you wear a bikini.

Bright colors and prints make us look bigger. Do not attempt.

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We'll rock a print, we'll slay a neon, and we won't think twice about what anyone thinks about it. 

Olympic games are for thin, athletic bodies only.

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Tell that to bronze medal weightlifter, Sarah Robles.


Fashion rules are dumb. Style is about personal expression. 


What is SHE doing on the runway?

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She's working it. Shut up. 

A big girl in a major cosmetics campaign would never happen.

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Gabourey Sidibe is laughing all the way to the bank, because she has to cash her CoverGirl check today. 

It would be easier for us to find love if we just lost weight.

Love me for me or nope. 

Plus-size crop tops are basically a crime.

Getting married without losing weight first is out of the question. Look how disappointed she looks?!

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Just say "no" to bodycon dresses. People will see all your flaws.

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Keep gettin' it, girls. They'll catch up soon.

#ThisBody is made for kicking some major bootay!???????????????? #beautybeyondsize

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