Ashley Graham is a big believer in affirmations, and she's not secretive about them.

The outspoken supermodel went on Scottish TV to explain exactly how she learned to love her body by talking to it in the mirror. 

She told talk show host Lorraine Kelly what she thinks women who hate their bodies should say to themselves every day.

First you have to get in the right mindset: Realize that self hate is something you have to tackle form within — for yourself, by yourself. 

"This is just a moment in your life," said Graham, "and if you want change, it's not a pill you take, a boyfriend that changes your mind, it's not a family member, it's you."
"Get down into your bra and panties, look yourself in the mirror and say, 'I love you, back fat, you are my best friend. Thighs, you're so sexy, you can't stop rubbing against each other.' Start talking to those things you don't really love, and all of a sudden your mind changes ... Confidence is in there, you just have to find the role model within you," she told Kelly. 

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Graham also took the opportunity to call out fashion's outdated labels and sometimes toxic selfie culture.

On why "plus-size" has to go: "The average size American woman is my size ... So to call us average and then place us in a category of plus-size, it's kind of awful," said the supermodel. 

On selfie culture and seeking approval from others: "To find affirmation from [social media] likes is a whole other situation. I tell young girls, your likes is not your worth. Your worth has to come form within. And that's why I tell people [to try] affirmations: I always tell myself, 'I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful, and I can have and do whatever I want."

These awesome quotes don't even do Graham's in-person motivation justice. Her public speaking skills are so impactful, a recent Glamour video of her mantra on loving yourself racked up over 34 million views.

"Whatever someone thinks is wrong about you, whether it's your opinion or your body, that's actually your super power," she told an audience of young girls. 

Even if you aren't the affirmations type, Graham's human dynamite brand of empowerment will get you considering it. Check out her affirmation tips below.