Topshop recently unveiled new unisex fitting rooms, after Travis Alabanza, who identifies as trans female, wasn't allowed to try on dresses in the Topshop womens' fitting room.

While the decision was largely applauded, some people had the nerve to claim Topshop is basically "asking for trouble" — and are now boycotting the store.

Twitter is literally exploding with bigotry and bullshit.

First of all, Alabanza identifies as trans feminine and uses "them/they/their" pronouns. To call Alabanza a man is ignorant and incorrect.

Additionally, eliminating gendered changing rooms is going to provide some ease of mind and comfort for transitioning trans people. What's the issue with treating all people, regardless of gender or identity, equally?

The decision by Topshop encourages gender equality, yet some people still disagree.

I have personally never stepped foot into a Topshop that wasn't manned by a small army of fitting room attendants. Additionally, both men AND women work the Topshop fitting rooms I've been to, and I have yet to feel unsafe, attacked, or creeped out by there being a man (or a trans person) in a fitting room.

Twitter needs a class in gender identity.

Not everyone identifies within a gender binary, and you can't always tell what someone identifies as just by looking at their face or their body. 

Alabanza isn't trying to get into a woman's fitting room — they are trying to get into a fitting room to try on clothes. That's it.

Twitter, grow up.

This was a great move by Topshop. Luckily, we bet the majority of shoppers feel the same.