photo: Topshop

International "cool-girl" clothing store Topshop barely ever extended their size reach to a 16 UK (which is about a 12 US) — and even that was hardly generous, considering their clothes tend to run on the smaller side.

Recently, the branded added 18 UK sizes to their selections under the radar, and the internet had a field day with it.

British body positivity advocate Gracie Francesca sarcastically called them out.

And really, she isn't wrong to be so unenthused.

Cosmo UK reported that of the 1,456 tops on the website, only 195 came in a size 18 and of 800 dresses, only 67 are available in the new size.

Not much of an offering considering the larger scope, eh?

Others also gave Topshop grief about the additions.

And some were skeptical about the fit in general.

But don't worry, some consumers had some creative ideas for how to make the new sizes actually work for them.

In short: DO BETTER, TOPSHOP. Big girls are ready to slay the hell out of your styles, so why not let them?

photo: Topshop