Weddings can be very expensive in general, but splurging on a dress you'll wear only once in your life can be the most anxiety-inducing purchase a future bride makes. Torrid is relieving a lot of that stress by launching its own line of wedding dresses. 

The Wedding Shop is full of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories that are all under $200. They go up to size 30 and give shoppers a few different options. Wedding dresses traditionally cost brides thousands of dollars each, but millennials are changing the way the wedding industry works — Torrid is showing it can change right along with it. 

Torrid is launching a wedding dress collection exclusively for plus-size brides. 

Size-inclusive clothing brand Torrid is launching a new collection focused on helping people walk down the aisle. It has just launched The Wedding Shop by Torrid for all kinds of bridal needs. Shop from an array of wedding dresses, clothes for the bridal party, options for guests, and accessories.

The inspiration for the new line came from one of Torrid's own customers. 

A Torrid representative told Bustle that the inspiration for this new line came from seeing the brand's customers wearing white dresses from its other collection collections. “Torrid decided it was time to design a special collection specifically for her important day and for the events leading up to it," the representative said. The collection has more than 100 pieces to give options to all kinds of brides.

Torrid's regular white dresses are already a hit among brides on Twitter.

A quick search on Twitter shows that brides have been buying white dresses from Torrid to replace traditional wedding dresses for ages now. This bride shows off their Torrid find that they only paid $71 for. This bride made the look their own with a few personal touches.

The official bridal launch was executed "with love for curvy women."

A press release from Torrid called The Wedding Shop a "limited-edition capsule" that wanted to show its love for plus-size women. “This limited-edition capsule was made with love for curvy women who deserve to look and feel like the beautiful bride they are,” the press release states. “From traditional lace with detailing like covered buttons to simpler, contemporary silhouettes, the collection covers a range of choices to fit the brides’ curves and personality.” 

The collection includes 10 wedding dresses and four bridesmaid dresses.

Torrid is making its own vows with this collection. 

"We vow to help you craft a wedding experience that matches your vision — so that all those once-in-a-lifetime moments look and feel perfect," reads The Wedding Shop homepage on Torrid's website. "And of course, our dresses are designed to hug and fit every curve." This collection aims to give people of all kinds more options so they can choose something that works best for them. 

And it lives up to those vows with innovative designs like this convertible dress that can be worn multiple ways.

Special Occasion Pink Studio Knit Convertible Maxi Dress
photo: Torrid

Obviously, Torrid doesn't make the mistake of assuming that every dress is going to look the same on every body. So it gives plus-size bridesmaids (or brides) the option of a convertible dress. The product description states that there are five different ways to wear this dress. It's designed for "versatility, without sacrificing comfort, so you can style it perfectly to fit your figure."

Everything in the collection costs less than $200.

Items that are both size-inclusive and affordable can be hard to come by — especially when it comes to something as personal as a wedding dress. It's no surprise that the industry was said to be worth $3 billion in 2017; until recently, brides have been willing to shell out thousands for just the one dress.

The most expensive dress in Torrid's collection, however, is $168.90. 

New-wave brides aren't spending their wedding money the same way they might've 10 to 30 years ago.

Marriage and weddings alike aren't nearly as prioritized as they once were, and that has made it difficult for the wedding industry to keep up with the changes. People are more likely to shop online for a wedding dress now because it's easier for brides to find exactly what they're looking for. People aren't just limited to what they see on the racks of their local wedding shops. This Torrid collection is a great response to this change in the marketplace. 

This new wave of inexpensive wedding shopping can take the pressure off women to blow all their money on one event.

Not everyone can afford a big fancy wedding dress. The idea that people should spend crazy amounts on a wedding is harmful and enforces the wage gap and other discrepancies in economic privilege. Add on top of that the struggle to find nice clothing in plus-sizes, and there's a whole other issue. Torrid and other inexpensive retailers who have stepped into the wedding dress market make it easier for shoppers to simply look for something they can afford. 

The average wedding dress can cost more than $1,000. But it won't for much longer.

Back in 2013, Fox Business reported that the average wedding dress costs around $1,100. For a dress that's probably going to be worn only one day, that's a lot of money. Torrid's wedding collection can give people more control over how they spend their money because they have options they may have never had before.