The internet is filled with bizarre trends and phrases that seemingly come out of nowhere (think about all the Instagram users commenting "lb!" on Kylie Jenner's page or Twitter stans replying to every Demi Lovato tweet with "QUEEN!"). Unfortunately, the latest internet commenting trend has  super-fans referring to celebrities as "skinny legends," and we're equally parts confused and concerned. 

After spending one too many hours on Twitter, I realized I kept coming across the phrase "skinny legend" as a way to describe major celebs such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez... the list goes on.

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At first glance, the saying is seemingly only used to refer to celebs who have *FINALLY* achieved thinness, or have always been thin.

This is obviously problematic because it implies one can only achieve true success and "legendary" status when they're thinner, which is clearly not true.

But it turns out tweeters are using the phrase when talking about themselves, too, which is even more problematic.

The wording perpetuates food and body issues on a harmful level...

... in fact, so much so that some stans have been seriously affected by this idea that "thin = important."

On the other hand, some users insist "skinny legend" is not just referring to a person's weight.

They say it's a new way of thinking, a new type of confidence.

Even Urban Dictionary claims to use the phrase as a way to applaud celebs for their talent, regardless of weight or size.

urban dictionary skinny legend
photo: Urban Dictionary

Either way, the phrase is triggering and confusing, and it definitely doesn't do anything to combat the stigmas attached to weight, even if some users insist it's about confidence.

When it comes down to it, there are hundreds of other ways to applaud someone for their talent, and it has nothing to do with using the word "skinny."

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