With Tyra Banks hosting again, and Ashley Graham returning as a judge, "America's Next Top Model" fans are READY for Cycle 24. Now that they've debuted a new list of contestants, viewers might notice a *certain* body-positive activist onscreen. 

The "America's Next Top Model" lineup includes a body-positive model that recently made headlines for the best reason.

Khrystyana is known for her body-positive, and at times lighthearted, Instagram posts. My personal favorite is when she celebrated her stomach rolls with rap lyrics! She has also candidly shared her experience as a former straight-size model to over 86,000 followers, so she's very open about her experience in the industry. 

Most recently, she hosted a size-inclusive Victoria's Secret-inspired fashion show in the middle of Times Square!  

Using the hashtag, #theREALCatwalk, Khrystyana invited women of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and sizes, to participate and the result was awe-inspiring. Standing in cold temps, the "models" made their own runway, and Khrystyana even drew Angel wings on the participants after the show! 

Like Khrystyana's runway show, ANTM is becoming more inclusive, since this is the first year that there is no age limit. 

“This is in alignment with me always wanting to break down barriers when it comes to beauty and acceptance. Why are we so caught up in this number?” Banks said to EW. The show has slowly included models of various sizes on its show, so it's exciting to see models onscreen that will (somewhat) represent those watching. 

Tyra Banks also celebrated Khrystyana's curves in a short video, which the ANTM contestant shared on her Instagram. 

"That personality is so bubbly you just want to hug her. And you wanna hug every curve on her body," Banks said. I'm not exactly sure what Banks meant, but it's great that she's celebrating curves! 

Check out Khrystyana on ANTM when it debuts on January 9 at 8pm ET on Vh1! 

I know I'll be watching!