I've always thought it would be absolutely magical to be a Disney princess (even though I could do without all the curses and evil queens). Now, with this new Unique Vintage prom dress line, anyone can be a Disney princess for a night.

The Happiest Collection on Earth line features gowns inspired by Belle, Cinderella, Princess Tiana, and Aurora.

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Available up to a size 12. 

Two-piece prom gown ($142, Unique Vintage

Although there have been MANY Disney princess-inspired lines, this one may be my favorite. I love how it's reinvented the gowns for the 21st century: Just look at that Cinderella crop top or the mermaid dress for Ariel. It's unclear if this is an official Disney collab, but it's great to see a new interpretation of the characters' famous looks.

(FYI, if you prefer to be a more traditional Cinderella, the bodice and skirt can zip up. No Fairy Godmother needed!)

All of the gowns are under $200, which isn't too bad considering how much prom gowns can cost. 

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Available up to a size 18. 

Mermaid style gown ($168, Unique Vintage

Even if your prom days are behind you, these gowns could still work for any black tie wedding or a fancy night out. After all, true Disney lovers never need a reason to throw on their ball gown.

Some of the gowns even go up to a size 20.

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Available up to a size 20. 

Yellow chiffon gown ($118, Unique Vintage

Although not all of the gowns go up to a size 20, many offer plus-size versions, including this Belle-inspired gown. 

This Aurora-inspired gown comes in blue, too, so no need for fairies battling it out over the color choice!

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Available up to a size 18. 

Pink prom gown ($190, Unique Vintage

The line features Princess Tiana as well (who doesn't get enough merch, IMO). 

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Available up to a size 18. 

Lime green gown ($168, Unique Vintage

The dress has a sweetheart neckline with flower embellishments across the front and back of the bodice.

Head over to Unique Vintage to see more of this regal line!

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