If you love clothes, you already know about Universal Standard. US is a size-inclusive clothing label created by two women (yay!) with a chic, minimalist aesthetic. Serving sizes 6 through 32, it's fashion for all with an emphasis on quality essentials.
Besides their inclusive sizing and high-quality threads, their Instagram presence is A+. Showing real people of every size and shape styling Universal Standard clothing, the brand is instantly more inspiring than any fashion magazine.

In fact, major magazines should take some notes!

That teal hair! That yellow dress! We cannot get enough. 

We love all the moody blues happening in this image.

Also, if you like the overall skirt seen above, you can buy it here

These fresh-faced beauties are putting their gorgeous freckles to work.

Not only is this 'gram giving us high-fashion realness, but we also want that long coat real bad. 

You can shop it here

Now this is how you selfie. And no, your screen is not blurry — that slight fuzz is the aesthetic. 

• that friday feeling • @francetajohnson serving US all the vibes in the fog.

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: seeing double : Tag a friend to twin with!

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The thing that Universal Standard gets is that we *want* to see a variety of human bodies. Bodies are not one size fits all, and neither is fashion.

Imagine stomping into work and looking THIS cool. You can in Universal Standard's Beas Coat in black. 

Universal Standard calls this top "architectural minimalism meets effortless elegance," and we have to agree. 

Universal Standard completely nails that New York cool-girl-chic aesthetic, and we dig it.

The Big Apple - take a bite. #FASHIONFREEDOM — @nadiaaboulhosn by @ben088

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One of the coolest perks about Universal Standard is that if your size fluctuates and you become a different size than when you first bought the piece, the company will replace it with the new size — for free. 

All of this — the styling. The model. All of it. We need it in our life.

So sleek — yet so fun!

Tomorrow, you can shop it...

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Can you imagine opening Vogue and seeing this level of slay?

Who knew a blue tarp backdrop could be so fashion-forward?

We see you weekend... @na0__ playing coy with Indra. #FASHIONFREEDOM. Sizes 6-32.

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Kim Kardashian who? Universal Standard made belt bags cool again.

Fashion at its finest.