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"Once again, I felt like women of my size aren't wanted at Victoria's Secret," says Jess.

jess torres
photo: Jess Torres / Revelist

"I felt like, as a plus-size woman, I was not a priority," she said. "If you don't carry my size, you're saying that you don't want me shopping in your store. You don't think I'm good enough for your products, you don't think my body is sexy, you don't think I should wear your bras. That's sad."

The same sales associate measured me, told me I was "really" a 32C, then assured me that this gappy nightmare was a perfect fit.

victoria's secret fail
photo: Alle / Revelist

Once again, this was absolutely gigantic, and I looked ridiculous. When I told her that the band was far too loose — I could pull it five inches away from my chest, easily — she told me that "Most women don't know what a correctly fitting bra feels like."

Guys, I have been fitted for bras by the people who make bras for the Queen of England. THE PROBLEM IS NOT MY PERCEPTION.

At the final store — the big, fancy one on 5th Avenue — we went in search of a bra that would fit us both.

alle jess revelist
photo: Jess Torres / Revelist

Surprisingly, IT DID NOT GO WELL.

Once again, I was measured OVER my clothes to find my "real" bra size. Just to show you how ridiculous that is, THIS is what I was wearing.

Victoria's secret fashion show 2016
photo: Alle / Revelist

This is a heavy sweatshirt over a loose flannel shirt over a long-sleeved tee. Unless I'm going to wear my bra over three layers of bulky clothing, THERE IS A FLAW IN YOUR METHODOLOGY.

That's how you end up with ~amazing~ boob situations like this.

victoria's secret fail
photo: Alle / Revelist

This is me in a 32B bra, my "perfect" size. I'm basically Miranda Kerr right now.

Meanwhile, Jess wasn't measured at all. "The associate didn't even bother with me," she said. "She just handed me two bras in the biggest size they had."

victoria's secret plus size
photo: Jess Torres / Revelist

Needless to say, the 38DD still didn't fit. No number of people telling you that a bra fits will make it so!

After a day spent trying on bras that lingerie experts INSISTED fit her, Jess was in literal pain.

jess torres
photo: Jess Torres / Revelist

"My skin was red and sore from all the bands and underwires digging into me," said Jess. "It reminded me of being a teenager, always in pain from bras that didn't fit — because I believed these salespeople when they told me that this was the way I was supposed to feel."

After trying on these itchy green, "super-sexy" bras, we called it a day. Jess was being strangled to death; I was drowning.

victorias secret sizes
photo: Jess Torres / Revelist

We didn't feel like Angels, but at least we weren't in pain anymore.

Dear Victoria's Secret: DO BETTER.

You make six billion dollars a year.

Your fashion show is a global event.

In many places across the US, you are the ONLY bra game in town.

And you're failing us.

We need more sizes. We need to see models who look like us. We need knowledgeable staff who can actually help us.

But most importantly, you need to realize that we don't have to change our bodies to fit your clothes — not with extenders, not with padded inserts. Because we are amazing exactly the way we are.