It's no, uh, secret that Victoria's Secret has been trash when it comes to including women who don't conform to one very rigid standard of beauty.

However, one 19-year-old artist decided to take matters into her own hands, and illustrated what the runway would look like if it included more size diversity.

Illustrator Annie Breen drew multiple models, including Ashley Graham, as part of her piece.

"I am only a 19 year old college student but the positive feedback I have received since posting that illustration has made me even more dedicated to playing my part in creating a more diverse and responsible fashion industry," she stated in the caption.

The teen designed an entire Victoria's Secret Plus collection.

She also said that if and when she draws more women for the collection, she'll be removing the "plus."


Breen believes that it's not up to a brand to determine what kind of customer it should attract.

"In my opinion, in 2017, customers decide what kind of person wears a brand and if they can’t find one that wants to represent them, then they will create one themselves," she wrote. 

Additionally, fashion is "naturally inclusive."

"I think fashion as a whole is naturally inclusive, naturally diverse and it’s past the time that should be represented," she stated.

Hey, Victoria's Secret, are you paying attention?

Breen's drawings are so popular that even Ashley Graham shared one of hers several years back.

The comments for the photo are on FIRE.

We hope these drawings will one day be a reality — and soon.