Cellulite is still taboo, though it shouldn't be. It's normal for the 90% of women and 10% of men who have it, but the dimply skin caused by the prominence of fat cells as collagen production decreases is perceived as a defect.

Rather than encouraging people with cellulite to embrace it, the diet industry has capitalized on the "flaw" by promoting unproven methods for getting rid of it. Some women, however, are subverting that by embracing their gorgeous body dimples — and encouraging other women to do so as well.

She's fly AF — period.

The face when you know you're slaying.

Body con forever and ever and ever.

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Parlaying the beach and living her best life as she should.

Loving our bodies is a journey, but we can make it look good along the way.

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Stripes and self-love is a winning combination.

Self-love is important, no matter what season it is.

Vacation has never looked so good.

The beach life is the best life.

Eff all the cellulite haters.

How beautiful is she?

Slay girl, slay!

Love your thighs.

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The queen of runways isn't ashamed of her cellulite — and you shouldn't be either.