We often equate strength with being thin. While there are plenty of examples that prove otherwise (hello, Jessamyn Stanley), the idea of women with curvy bodies displaying feats of strength or impeccable balance is still not something many people recognize.

An anonymous Instagram account is trying to thwart the idea that only one kind of body can be strong, and she's getting a ton of followers along the way.

@Nude_yogagirl is an anonymous account that started a revolution.

The only thing we know about the woman behind the account is that she's a 26-year-old model. She's also found creative ways to skirt around Instagram's "no nudity" policy.

The account features her bending in all sorts of poses in various locations. In a previous interview with The Cut, the mysterious yogi claimed to only use Photoshop to erase anything that might flag her content as "nude" by Instagram standards, like nipples.

She's not the only one showing off her posing skills.

In order to show all body types and to prove that all shapes are beautiful, she's created the hashtag #NYGyoga.

"'The way you look doesn't matter — anybody can see faults and have that feeling of not liking themselves," she revealed to The Cut. "With my account I want to inspire people to realize that everybody is very beautiful and capable of [doing] amazing things with their bodies."

Women from all over the world are sharing themselves posing nude.

While the hashtag is open for the use of ANY type of body, most of the women who have employed it are fairly thin, muscular, white women. In fact, I couldn't find one photo featuring a woman of color or a woman who can be called "plus-size."

That's not the fault of the woman behind the @Nude_yogagirl account or the hashtag. Instead, it's a reminder that yoga is still largely practiced by white people — in fact, 4/5ths of the people who practice yoga in the US are white. Still, we hope to see some more diversity as the hashtag grows, to truly show how beautiful all bodies are.

However, the hashtag is still inspiring women to share their poses with the world.

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It's empowering to see so many women demonstrate their love for their bodies.

Many women posted body-positive quotes to correspond with their poses.

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"It is completely pointless to care about others opinions on YOUR body. They aren’t inside it, they do NOT control it, they do NOT own it," the caption for this photo read. 

"It is yours to cherish, love, do as you see fit. Take control and be YOU. Be a badass. Don’t let someone else take that from you. You are fully in control of yourself."

Some posed with their partners and friends.

According to the caption, naked yoga is best enjoyed together.

Some got totally naked.

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Others, not quite.

But all the photos show what our bodies are capable of.

By encouraging real, non-model women to show off their bodies not just sans clothes, but contorted into different positions, the hashtag shows just how beautiful our bodies are — not just because of how they look, but because of what we can do with them.