Fun fact: Most women have body hair. Many of us like to remove it by either waxing, sugaring, threading, or just shaving it off, while some of us like to let it do its damn thing. It's up to each person to decide how they feel about their own hair.

One artist decided to highlight that fact by illustrating Wonder Woman with awesomely thick body hair, and we are HERE. FOR. IT.

Raichak Ha Reang, a graphic designer from India, decided to draw Wonder Woman with arm, leg, and armpit hair.

Reang was inspired by No-Shave November to draw Wonder Woman because, hey, why not?

“I thought it would be unique to show a woman doing this with her body hair,” Reang told Yahoo. “I chose Wonder Woman because she represents strong and fearless women — but even superheroes don’t always have time to take care of their physical appearance.”


He wanted to emphasize how natural body hair really is.

"We get super busy in life sometimes and do not have time to maintain ourselves," he wrote in the caption. "It's natural to have body hair and Wonder Woman approves too."

Something tells us when Wonder Woman left Themyscira, the last thing she thought about packing was a razor and shaving cream.

While we LOVE Reang's message and his work, some commenters felt somehow personally victimized by Wonder Woman's leg hair.

We think Wonder Woman, just like any woman, looks flawless with or without hairy legs. Besides, what's so "vulgar" about body hair?

There's nothing disgusting about choosing to let your leg hair do its own thing.

Stop. Policing. People's. Bodies.

Despite some hate, the majority of the messages on all three illustrations are positive.

Many of the commenters called his work "amazing," and asked him to make more drawings of other female icons.

Remember, what you choose to do with your body hair is totally up to you, just like it's up to Wonder Woman to figure out what she wants to do with hers.

It's also powerful to see what Wonder Woman could've been like had she had body hair.

Wonder Woman
photo: DC

One of the biggest criticisms that plagued Wonder Woman before the release was that her armpits were totally free of any hair. Somehow, between saving the world and kicking everyone's ass, she also found time to go to a waxer.

We can't wait until seeing Wonder Woman (or any woman) with body hair is no longer shocking — just normal.