Wonder Woman
photo: DC Comics

May 7 is a very special holiday for comic fans: Free Comic Book Day. Since 2002, comic book specialty shops all over the world give away free comics to their customers on the first Saturday of May, as provided to them by some of the biggest publishers in the industry. It's also a perfect time for people who are new to comics to check out everything the world of comics has to offer.

Here's the thing about Free Comic Book Day, though: sure, you could walk into your local store, grab a few issues, and stroll merrily on your way. But it's important to remember that the purpose of the holiday is to celebrate independent comic-related businesses in your area — and many of these shops actually end up losing money by participating. So if you're really interested in getting into comics and you're able to spend a few bucks, you really should buy something to help out your local store.

But what should you buy? After all, there are so many comics! That's why Team Revelist figured we would help you out with a very special Choose Your Own Adventure game for newbie comic book readers. And don't worry — if you miss out on Free Comic Book Day this weekend, the recommendations our game (which we built using Twine) will work for any day of the year. 

Okay, ready? Time to play:

If you're interested in learning more about any of the titles you learn about in the game (there are over 40 of them!), be sure to check out your local comic book store. If you wanna check out the festivities this weekend, you can also find out if your local store is participating in Free Comic Book Day via their store locator