Samuel L Jackson reading
photo: Getty Images

Literally, stay the hell home, people. Unless you're out for essentials, or are an essential worker yourself, you are compromising the health of millions by not doing so. And in case us saying so doesn't resonate with you, maybe this will. Samuel L. Jackson is urging everyone to stay in their homes, and he means business. 

Ahead, check out Jackson letting everyone know that they need to 'Stay The F*ck At Home.'

In these days of constant bad news, here's a little something to brighten your day. 

Though still focused on social distancing, there's a bit of comic relief to have. Behold, the great Samuel L. Jackson reading the childhood favorite 'Stay The F*ck At Home,' with a COVID-19 twist. The impassioned and explicit read-along is just about all anyone on Twitter is talking about, and it's a lesson in simply staying the f*ck home. 

The choice selection is so appropriate. 

"Only Samuel L. Jackson could deliver this message with such perfection," someone tweeted. From the tone of his voice to the cadence of his words, this may have been exactly what we needed to scare people into literally staying the f*ck home. 

And we think the actor may want to try his chops at journalism. 

While there are some incredible journalists on the frontlines, grilling our crap president every day, we think that Jackson could really shake up Trump. "We need the journalist equivalent of Samuel L. Jackson at White House briefings," someone tweeted. 

Literally, so accurate. 

His name trending, however, did have a few people shook. 

"You know seeing #SamuelLJackson trending … I thought the worst … but luckily he’s just reading the perfect bedtime story for these times," someone tweeted. We're claiming only positivity for the rest of the year, folks. Good vibes only. 

Can he be the voice of this year?

Maybe Jackson speaking into the universe will scare it into acting right from this point going forward. "We need Samuel Jackson to narrate 2020," someone tweeted. "No offense to Morgan Freeman, but this year requires multiple uses for the word motherfucker."