Plus-size ladies, I know how tired you are of the same promises: A new clothing line for plus-size women launches, ostensibly offering cute clothes, but then it's the same old issue — lack of variety.

Luckily, "SNL" star Aidy Bryant has noticed the lack of options in the plus-size fashion world. She's tired of being faced with the same two choices when it comes to style — so she's going to launch her own clothing lines.

Bryant revealed her desire to create a clothing line stemmed from noticing plus-size women are only ever given two real choices when it comes to fashion.

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In an interview with The Cut, Bryant opened up about feeling that as a plus-size woman, she's either expected to dress super casually or very fashion-y, both looks she doesn't feel fit her.

“I feel like there’s almost two zones of plus-sized clothing," she said. "It’s either full sweatpants and huge T-shirts and elastic waist jeans, or it’s hyper-trendy with a shoulder, a bow, a button, a print, a zipper.”

She's looking to start her own line that's a little less BAM, but still cool.

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“It’s almost like, 'These girls have never had style, we’re going to throw it ALL at them.' And I so often am longing for something that’s a little easier, cooler,” she revealed.“Stuff you can wear every damn day to run errands and go to meetings, that isn’t a full party dress but isn’t, like, sweats. Flattering but still comfortable.”

The line is also going to offer options for women who want to wear clothing that isn't black or "sack"-like.

“I’m just trying to get the things that I have access to out there for the masses — like when I wanted something cool to wear to a meeting or an audition or whatever and not just be wearing a black sack,” she said. “Although I love a black sack. Black sack is my mainstay. But if you don’t have a choice, you’re trapped, you know?”

Black sacks are great for days that you want to wear a black sack. However, if you want to wear something a little more exciting, Bryant has you covered.

No word on when the line is dropping, but if it's anything like the clothes Bryant already wears, we can't freaking wait.