Aidy Bryant as Annie in "Shrill"
photo: Hulu

After season one of Shrill premiered on Hulu in March, fans everywhere were living for the body positivity and honest portrayal of one woman's journey of finding self-worth and loving herself. 

SNL's comedic genius Aidy Bryant leads the cast as Annie, a woman who travels down a path to self discovery to ultimately become the boss woman she was always meant to be. But through that process, she hurts some of her closest friends and *spoiler alert* ends up throwing a cement block through an internet troll's car. 

Safe to say there is plenty more story to be told with this series based on Lindy West's memoir of the same name. The leading actor shared a post to Instagram announcing season two had finished filming, so fans of the show can expect more episodes very soon. 

Aidy Bryant shared this adorable snap on the set of Shrill to celebrate the final day of filming. 

Bryant is obviously reprising her role as Annie, and shared a snap from the last day filming season two. The actor wrote in her caption, "Last shoot day of season 2 of Shrillllll!" Fans and some of her famous friends commented and shared their excitement for even more of the hilarious and heartwarming series. 

"Come through season 2," wrote industry buff Lena Waithe, and model Lulu Bonfils commented, "Yes! I'm so excited for season 2." 

Many thought the first season was too short at only six half-hour-long episodes, but now we are getting more. 

The second season, which will return early next year, has been confirmed for eight episodes on Hulu as opposed to last season's six, according to The Hollywood Reporter. So many fans wanted more after binge-watching the six episodes in season one so quickly. Thank goodness there's at least one hour longer for season two. "Swear to god the whole season of Shrill felt like it was one 4 minute episode," wrote one fan on Twitter. 

Season two will likely have more varied storylines, not necessarily focused on Annie. So get ready for way more Fran. 

Lolly Adefope played Annie's roomie and best friend Fran, who delivered some amazing one-liners in the first season. Lindy West, the author of the memoir the series is based on, told The Hollywood Reporter that she hoped the second season would focus more on the people who supported Annie. 

"It was deliberate to put that into the story where, by the end of the season, people are fed up with Annie being obsessed with herself and her own problems because that's not being a good friend. What I would be really, really excited to do in season 2 is let those other characters breathe and have their own fully realized lives," West said. 

One thing's for certain: There will be plenty more of the body positivity and love that had fans on the brink of happy tears. 

That pool party scene was epic and empowering in so many ways. The moment resonated with so many women of all shapes and sizes, but particularly plus-size women, who never felt fully comfortable at a pool party. In this scene, Annie was able to let loose and be completely free, something she (and many women) have never experienced before. 

It's moments like this from the first season that captivated so many, and we can only assume there will be more like it in the new season. 

One fan wrote on Twitter, "Everything about SHRILL is a breath of fresh air, but the pool party episode is the most raw and powerful piece of television I’ve seen in a long time, and this scene is so resonant and uplifting and self celebratory, I’m obsessed with this joy." 

There was one major cliffhanger that needs to be addressed ASAP. 

Spoiler alert if you haven't finished season one! Annie confronts the internet troll who had been making hateful comments about her articles. Plus, she throws a cement block through his car window, which is technically a crime. So that could mean Annie has a run-in with the law at the start of season two. 

If she doesn't have to face the police, she definitely will have to face her closest friends and family, whom she seemingly cut ties with by the end of season one after a period of growth and transformation. Annie may have grown into the empowered woman she finally wanted to be, but she did so without any thoughts of her loved ones in her life. In season two, it's time for her to face those she loves and repair those relationships. 

Aidy Bryant shared an entire cast and crew photo to her Instagram Story, and all of the faces from season one were spotted. 

Luka Jones, who plays Annie's bumbling sometimes-boyfriend Ryan, is spotted in the front row. Plus, Annie's roomie and bestie Fran (Lolly Adefope) is back. And all of Annie's work friends have returned, including Gabe (John Cameron Mitchell), Amadi (Ian Owens), and Ruthie, although Patti Harrison didn't make the original group photo.