Aly and AJ spilled the. beans about one of their songs being about Joe Jonas.
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Let's take a look back to 2007, an incredible year for pop culture. 

The Jonas Brothers were making their way through many musically talented Disney Channel ladies, and in return the girls were making bops about the breakups. Apparently, Joe Jonas dated AJ Michalka, one part of the incredible sister duo Aly and AJ, and the sisters are spilling the tea more than a decade later. 

Jonas dated Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and other famous pop icons, but fans freaked out when they found out Aly and AJ were a part of the drama, too. That's far enough into the past that there's no way anyone could be bothered by the sisters bringing it up, but die-hard fans are freaking out, understandably.

Everyone remembers the best breakup song of all time, "Potential Breakup Song" by Aly and AJ.

If you didn't scream-sing the lyrics to this jam to a boyfriend who may have not even existed, then you missed out on a truly formative early '00s experience. Aly and AJ superfan and YouTuber Elle Mills tweeted about the bop and mistakenly thought it was about Joe Jonas. 

Mills wrote, "ok so you’re telling me that i went 13 years not knowing that one of the greatest songs ever written was about joE JONAS THIS ENTIRE TIME." 

But the sisters quickly cleared it up.

Aly and AJ Michalka took it upon themselves to clear up the confusion. "Flattery" was about Joe Jonas, not "Potential Breakup Song."

"Flattery not Potential," the sisters replied on their Twitter account. "Flattery" was another breakup jam on their nearly perfect pop album Insomniatic. It includes lyrics like, "I can forgive it, I can't forget it. You left me here with all these scars. And you can't deny the hardest part: I'm not in your arms."

At a show in Anaheim, CA, during their 2018 tour, the sisters also revealed the secret. 

One fan shared a video from the sisters' reunion tour in 2018. Aly Michalka spilled her sister's tea just before they started singing "Flattery." 

"This song is actually about Joe Jonas, which is kinda funny," Aly says. "AJ goes, like, 'don't say that,'" she continues.

How many songs out there are about Joe Jonas?!

If I were Sophie Turner I would be doing some major research to figure out just how many songs are written by Jonas' exes. We know for certain Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato wrote some breakup jams about the Disney Channel player. "At this point we need a playlist called 'songs about joe Jonas,'" one person tweeted.

Fans are freaking out, understandably.

Anyone who kept up with Disney Channel drama of the early '00s is understandably freaking out. "FLATTERY WAS ABOUT JOE MY WORLD HAS BEEN ROCKED THANK YOU," another person excitedly tweeted.

These two are spilling the tea more than a decade later.

Aly and AJ started producing music together again in 2018 after a hiatus. AJ and Joe Jonas dated early on in their Disney Channel careers and were together for about a year. AJ even told BuzzfFeed that they were each other's first kiss.

But now, we really need to know who forgot that birthday.

"THEN WHO FORGOT THE BIRTHDAY," one fan asked. Sure, it's great that we now know another breakup bop was about Joe Jonas, but we've gone long enough singing are hearts out to "Potential Breakup Song" and not knowing who forgot Aly Michalka's birthday. Spill the tea, Michalka sisters, we're waiting.