Alanna Masterson isn't going to put up with your fat shaming.

On Tuesday (November 29), the 28-year-old took to Instagram to clap back at haters for criticizing her appearance. Following last Sunday's (November 27) episode of "The Walking Dead," Masterson was subjected to tons of negative comments about her post-baby body. 

In response, she posted a picture of her adorable daughter, Marlowe, along with a message directed at the body-shaming trolls.

"Maybe you can't get it through your thick fucking skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling," she wrote. "So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being 'too large' or how 'fat' I've become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn't have changed it for a second." 

Masterson welcomed her first child with her boyfriend, Brick Stowell, in November 2015 and immediately went right back to work.

Sadly, this isn't her first time having to stand up for herself against the internet. When she was pregnant and doing promo work for "TWD," Masterson had to put up with people commenting on her weight gain.

But she had no problem calling out haters for their insults.

Obviously, people are choosing to pick on Masterson for no good reason. It's a known fact that every woman gains weight during a pregnancy, so Masterson shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of that. 

Like she said, we'd love to see some of these trolls nurse a baby and work 17-hour days. Instead of hating, people should be applauding her for being such a hard-working mother.

Thankfully, her true fans understand just how awesome she is.

...And they're applauding her for being such a dedicated mother.

You go, girl!

The reason I'm on this planet. ???? thanks. @brittanyhotpants

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