Amber Jessica Love Is Blind
photo: Instagram

Season one of Love Is Blind may be over, but the reunion is still brewing. And a preview of the highly anticipated episode was just leaked with a jaw-dropping clip of Amber telling Jessica off. The read is serious, and it has everyone singing Amber's praises following a long season fan's negative feelings toward the problematic Jessica. 

Check it out.

Jessica is arguably the least liked from this season of Love Is Blind

The baby-voiced 35-year-old let us know every chance she got that she was on the fence about her sweet fiancé, Mark. It was clear through the entire season that her heart was with Barnett, willing to undercut Amber to do so. In other words, the lesson of the season is simple: Jessica is pretty damn annoying.

Now, in the showdown we've all been waiting for, Amber reads her for filth. 

In a teaser leaked by Netflix, the reunion heats up with Amber finally reading Jessica the way we've all wanted. After watching back the season with the rest of us, Amber was disgusted to see that Jessica was being "sheisty," trying to befriend her to ultimately get closer to Barnett.

The sneak peek has everyone eager for more.

Many feel it's what she deserves, considering how Mark was treated. "I can already tell they about to lit jesica ass up!" someone tweeted. "She deserves it all too! She did my boy mark so wrong from the moment Barnett told her no and she chose Mark as a second opinion."

And even the other cast members were shook.

Judging by the faces of Barnett and Lauren, everyone was freaking out and somewhat agreeing with Amber's words for Jessica. The reactions are hilarious, being memed across Twitter with the funniest captions.

However, the anticipation is killing everyone. 

"The person who made the decision to partially release the #LoveIsBlind episodes and make us wait for the #loveisblindfinale #loveisblindReunion burning in the same spot of hell as the mofo that made us two whole damn years for the last season of #GameofThrones," someone hilariously tweeted. We must admit, the suspense is difficult.

It seems like real really does recognize real. 

While reactions of Amber have been mixed, what's certain is that she's earned some fans. "You know how many times I have talked about how much I love Amber from Love Is Blind and people thought that I was crazy until y’all saw her read Jessica and it’s a different narrative," a longtime fan tweeted. "REAL RECOGNIZE REAL! HOOTERS GANG."