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Madame Tussauds has done it again

The iconic wax figure museum is known for its double-take-inducing replicas of famous stars. Ariana Grande has had the opportunity to be featured in the halls of wax a few times, but the museum's latest installation of the pop star is lackluster at best.

Fans are unforgiving when it comes to a bad wax sculpture. And Grande's fans are the most loyal guard dogs when it comes to their queen. Amid her busy tour schedule, the singer took time to comment on Instagram about the confusing wax figure. 

The London wax figure museum debuted its "Classic Ari" replica on May 21. 

Fans voted for which style of the singer they wanted to see replicated in wax. While they chose a "classic" version, the one they got was confusing to say the least. Reactions ranged from laughable to enraged at the pop star's wax likeness. "Poor Ari, why would they do this to her?" one fan asked on Twitter. Overall, the response on the post was a resounding "nope."

The pop star herself had a few questions. 

Grande commented on a picture of the wax figure shared by the social media news source Pop Crave: "I just wanna talk." Clearly, the singer didn't react well to her replica either. Other than the signature ponytail, oversize sweatshirt, and thigh-high boots, the look was all wrong. Fans took to Twitter to share their reaction.   

One of the singer's fan accounts shared wax figures from past years. 

While none of the wax figures totally capture Grande's essence, at least the faces in some of these older versions share somewhat of a resemblance. The "Thank U, Next" singer has gone through a major style evolution in the past few years, so it was high time her wax figure got an update. Unfortunately, no one expected this. 

One fan suggested that the wax figure was actually Grande's rumored misheard-lyric girlfriend, "Aubrey."

When "Thank U, Next" was released last year, fans freaked out at Grande's lyric, "I know they say I move on too fast, but this one gon' last. 'Cause her name is Ari and I'm so good with that." Some fans thought the singer said "Aubrey" in place of her own name, insinuating that she had a girlfriend. Grande poked fun at the misheard lyric in her "Thank U, Next" music video. 

This fan joked that the wax look-alike is actually that rumored girlfriend. 

Comedians have posed as the singer, and fans thought this wax figure reminded them more of those people than of the star herself. 

Melissa Villaseñor acted as the star in an SNL sketch, and the likeness of the wax figure and her in that role is actually way more accurate than what Madame Tussauds was originally going for. One fan wrote, "@MadameTussauds wax figure of @ArianaGrande looks like @melissavcomedy playing Ari on SNL."

Some fans also pointed out that the replica looked like Julie Finkelstein, who mimicked Grande in a faux Vogue 73 Questions video

Others noted that the wax figure looked like the other Grande sibling, brother Frankie. 

Pop Crave shared Grande's comment to its Twitter along with an image of the wax figure. One fan replied, noting that the resemblance to the singer's brother, Frankie, "looks more like Frankie Grande tbh."

No shade to the singer's older brother — the figure just had a completely different look from Ariana. 

Some people thought the eye makeup was too dark. 

The singer's style evolution has definitely moved on from the dark eyeliner and smoky eyes of the past, although she still tends to do her signature winged flick. The London wax museum did say they were going for a "classic" version of the star, and some fans suggested that the artists attempted to combine multiple Grande looks in one. 

Either way it turned out all wrong. "Nah this aint her," one person replied on Twitter. 

Others claimed it was mostly the nose that was off. 

The wax figure's nose is much bigger than Grande's. The singer has never confirmed that she has had any work done to her nose, but some people thought this schnoz looked more like Grande from her Nickelodeon Victorious days. 

One person pointed out that the wax artists shouldn't have messed up such a crucial element of her face, as there was plenty of photographic evidence to base it on. "So many references of her nose like how do they mess up? Djdhdbd it was the right shape just too big lol," one Twitter user wrote. 

Or, the eyebrows. Honestly, very little of the face bares resemblance to the singer. 

One person shared this photo of Grande looking skeptical, her brows raised, "the eyebrows girrlllllll." The wax figure has thick arched brows that are too big for Grande's face. Her brows normally stop just before the corners of her eyes and are a boxier shape, as opposed to the dramatic arches seen here. 

They did manage to get her signature hairstyle just right, though.

Grande had an obsession with these ringed hair clips attached down a braided crown. This style was definitely part of that "classic Ari" style the wax museum was going for. Paired with the ponytail, the singer's tresses matched perfectly. The museum shared a tutorial of the style to its Instagram TV.