Ariana Grande
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It probably goes without saying that being a member of Ariana Grande's squad comes with its fair share of perks. And it seems like no one would know that better than Courtney Chipolone, aka one of Grande's closest friends. 

If you'll recall, Chipolone took on the role of Gretchen Wieners to Ari's Regina George in the video for "Thank U, Next," which was famously inspired by the movie Mean Girls. Chipolone also made an appearance in the video for "7 Rings" as one of the blinged-out ring-wearers. 

Considering how close these two are, it should come as no surprise that Grande recently gave Chipolone quite the birthday gift.

Meet Courtney Chipolone.

She is one of Ariana Grande's long-time friends. According to Bustle, they both hail from Boca Raton, FL. Considering the fact that Chipolone is reportedly a student at Florida State University, it's a pretty safe bet that she and Grande first met when they were growing up around the area. They definitely go way back.

The BFFs have been slaying the social media game for years.

In this snapshot, we see Chipolone (center) next to Grande and one of their mutual friends, who just so happens to be getting married. Chipolone is the maid of honor and Grande is a bridesmaid. They are pulling off silk robes like nobody's business. Also, can we talk about how this was all the way back in 2016? Seems like a lifetime ago, especially in Ari years!

In 2017, Chipolone celebrated Grande's birthday with a sweet message on Insta.

Chipolone declared her love for Grande, going so far as to say that she loved her more than a certain favorite food. "Happy birthday u more than i love an 80 pound wheel of parmesan cheese with a side of fig spread," Chipolone captioned the photo, which was actually a photo of a photo, if that makes sense. 

Obviously, these ladies have been tight-knit for some time.

All of that explains how Chipolone secured appearances in not one, but two of Grande's music videos. She got to play Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, as well as a cheerleader inspired by Bring It On for the "Thank U, Next" video. Chipolone can also be seen in the video for "7 Rings," alongside a few of Grande's other close friends.

Most recently, Chipolone celebrated her birthday on March 29.

On her born day, she shared this photo on Insta, which shows her casually lounging around in snakeskin boots and what looks like an oversize white T-shirt (which is so Ari, am I right?). Chipolone is also holding up a black cap with the word "b*tch" written out in big, bold, white letters. Talk about making a birthday statement.

Grande didn't make an appearance on Chipolone's Insta on her b-day.

However, the singer helped her celebrate in other ways. She hopped onto Venmo to surprise Chipolone with some spending money. There was just one catch: Grande specified that the cash was only intended to be used for one thing and one thing only. No, not champagne, caviar, or more diamonds. Instead, Grande told Chipolone that the $800 was — and I quote — "strip club money."

So does this mean Chipolone and Grande later met up at a strip club?

Honestly, it's anyone's guess at this point. Neither one dropped any hints on social media about how — or even if — they commemorated Chipolone's birthday with a couple lap dances. But judging by their past hangouts and impromptu photo shoots, it's likely that if they haven't had a big bash just yet, they probably will any day now. 

Fans were feeling a little left out.

Many tweeted directly at Grande, requesting that she Venmo them some strip club money, too. A few people even provided their cash app links, clearly hoping that Ari would find it in her heart to share the wealth with, um, all of these people who apparently need money to go to the strip club. We live in interesting times, folks.

But it's important to remember just how close Grande and Chipolone are.

I mean, we are talking about lifelong BFFs here. It's not like they just met and don't have any kind of history. These two have obviously been through a lot together. That probably explains why Grande even has a tattoo in honor of Chipolone that simply reads: "Court." Now, that is true friendship right there — not many people can compete with that.

In conclusion, these two are total BFF goals.

“The best part about having true friends is that you can go months without seeing them and they’ll still be there for you and act as if you'd never left," Grande once said. If her friendship with Chipolone is any indication, it's safe to say that they have a unique bond that's unbreakable. And that is downright amazing.