Ariana Grande has some truly dedicated fans. They're willing to boycott her single "7 Rings" just so her latest single, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," can also get a no. 1 spot on the charts. 

"7 Rings" is currently in the top spot and has been there for three consecutive weeks. Grande responded to the boycott thankful that her fans want her to be successful, but she's not advocating for it herself. The song might make it to no. 1 anyway, because "7 Rings" did so — even though it has caused some drama

Fans are boycotting Ariana Grande's single "7 Rings."

Grande's fans have created the #BOYCOTT7RINGS hashtag on Twitter that has gotten plenty of attention. The song is currently at the top of the music charts.

Fans want her latest single, "Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I'm Bored," to reach the top of the charts as well. 

"Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" is Grande's latest single. Right now, "7 Rings" is no. 1, and "Thank U, Next" is no. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Grande looks like she's OK with it. 

Grande is happy that her fans want her songs to be that successful, but she's not pushing people to do anything. She responded to a fan by saying:

"y’all are so insane and funny and i love u. nothings funnier than ‘boycott seven rings’..... i can’t lmao. whatever’s meant to be will be, babies i ain’t goin nowhere #thankunext"

Although she's not trying to join in on it. 

It would be somewhat strange if she did boycott one of her own songs, even if it were to promote another one. This fan is asking her to boycott her own song to show solidarity ... for herself?

Seeing how much traction the single's music video has already gotten, reaching the top of the charts is likely anyway.

The song's music video has over 61 million views and has only been online for about a week. 

Speaking of the "BUWYG, IB" video, Grande has been showing some rare behind-the-scenes footage.

Grande has been posting behind-the-scenes footage of the music video on social media. Most of this video shows different scenes of the video being filmed and what the camera caught during filming. 

Clips of the making of the video show a much goofier side to the cast than the video portrays.

In this clip, it looks like Grande is getting ready for the shoot while talking to her video love interest, played by Charles Melton. He's pretending to sing and asks Grande if he has "potential." Before the clip ends Grande flat-out says "no."  

The song has been massively successful despite some heavy controversy.

"Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" has caused some backlash from the queer community. Fans think that the twist ending of the music video, where Grande seems to be romantically interested in another woman, is a ploy used to attract a queer audience without real representation. 

The internet has some strong but very mixed feelings about the video's unintended exploitation of queer audiences.

Others felt as if Grande used the alluded attraction to another woman to portray a sense of self-love, because the other woman looked just like her. There were even scenes in the music video where the women were shown interchangeably.

The song "7 Rings" has its own issues, too, and that didn't stop it from landing the no. 1 spot.

Grande was called out by artists Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy for allegedly stealing their music for her own song. Grande never responded to the accusations.

And she was accused of appropriating black and Japanese culture in the music video, too.

In the music video for "7 Rings," Grande has women twerking in the background, and she raps a couple of verses in the song. 

When she was called out for one of the song's questionable lyrics regarding Grade's weave, she didn't respond the way people thought she should. She later clarified that she was trying to disassociate the negative stereotypes about hair weaves in connection to black women. 

One of the song's co-writers came to her defense. 

Tayla Parx helped write the song, and she says that Grande was inspired by other genres to create the song. Just like Grande was inspired, Parx said, the artists accusing her were also inspired by others. She said it's "important to fuse all of these things to really bring us together."

None of that seems to matter to Grande's fans, who have stuck with her through it all. 

Just like with any fandom, Grande's fans can be willing to look past it all, whether or not that's a good thing. She acknowledged how dedicated they all are on Twitter. 

Controversy aside, Thank U, Next, is sure to continue dominating every single pop chart.

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The album was #1 on music charts in over 84 countries. It's the biggest pop album in the world right now. Just let that sink in — do you really think this boycott is necessary now?

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