Ariana Grande might have a new boyfriend
photo: Splash News

It's been a little less than two years since Ariana Grande's rocky engagement with Pete Davidson came to an end, and it looks like she's finally ready to date again. This time, however, it will be much less publicly. 

Grande was rumored to be dating Mikey Foster from Social House, who appeared on her song "Boyfriend." However, nothing was ever confirmed and the two were never publicly seen together. Now, sleuthing fans are seeking out information about her rumored new beau: Dalton Gomez, an LA-based real estate agent. 

Gomez has been spotted on Grande's Instagram Stories, and the two were reportedly spotted making out in a bar a few months ago. 

It's difficult to find out too much information about Gomez, because his Instagram is private.

Ariana Grande reportedly began following Gomez at the end of 2019. She is among his about 5,000 followers. Some of Grande's closest friends also follow Gomez, including Courtney Chipolone and Njomza. 

Miley Cyrus made an appearance on his Instagram Story. 

One fan page captured this image of Miley Cyrus on his Instagram Stories. Gomez is in the top right corner of the photo. His brother, Dakota Gomez, is an LA-based tattoo artist and inked up the singer.

Ariana Grande's fans truly could work for the FBI, with how much sleuthing they do. 

Many fan accounts are digging in deep after seeing him in her Instagram Story watching movies while quarantined. "Okay soooo, maybe she does have a new man. Named Dalton Gomez. #ArianaGrande Either way, I’m so happy for her," one wrote on Twitter. They found this image of his tattoo and matched it to the guy sitting in her Story.

Grande has been sharing videos singing songs that definitely seem like she's caught feels.

Grande shared a snippet of a new song on her social media accounts. Plus, she sang an a cappella cover with the caption "u know i love u boy." The new song  is all about making things work with a new love interest.

Another fan was getting majorly investigative and spotted Gomez in videos and pictures with Grande. 

"Also, Dalton can be seen among Ariana’s friends, in the mini-party she arranged for her musical producer and friend, Xavi, recently. Couldn’t find the videos where he was standing a little far from the camera and was less blurry, but here I tried to pause on Ariana, then Dalton," they wrote,

Plus, Gomez was at another Scooter Braun party where Grande was too. The fan tweeted, "After I posted the original thread, Scooter Braun arranged a party to celebrate his wife, Yael, becoming a US citizen. In this video from the party, Ariana is singing with Tori Kelly. The guy passing in front of the camera is Dalton."

Plus, he was spotted giving Grande's dog Toulouse some love and that means he's in with the most important being in her life. 

Grande loves her dogs more than just about anything, and always posts videos and photos of them on her stories. The first step in getting the in on her life is getting on the pups' good sides. "Finally, last night Ariana posted several stories on instagram where Dalton is clearly seen. In the one he pets Toulouse, you can get a glimpse of an offering bowl he has, as posted by his brother Dakota," the fan account tweeted.

TMZ captured video of Grande making out with someone at a bar, but now it's clear that it was Gomez. 

In February this year Grande was spotted making out with an unknown guy at a bar in Northridge, CA. Now fans have determined that this is Gomez. The real estate agent helped Grande find her LA home — and he's done the same with many other celebrities. Some assume this is how the two ended up meeting and running in similar circles. 

From his looks, it's clear why Grande likes him. He has a similar vibe to Pete Davidson or Ricky Alvarez, two of Grande's exes. The singer will probably keep things under wraps until it gets more serious, so we'll keep sleuthing until then.