Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson may have called it quits, but the duo is still dealing with the aftermath of their breakup, especially when it comes to Grande's fans. 

It's no secret that stan culture can sometimes go a little too far, and that's certainly become the case with all of the drama unfolding between these two exes. Ever since Davidson reemerged on social media, he's been dealing with an onslaught of attacks from some Grande fans. Several people have even gone so far as to tell him to kill himself. 

That's something nobody should ever say to someone else regardless of the situation. But it's especially awful considering Davidson has borderline personality disorder and has been open about his mental health struggles in the past.

Another day, another dose of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson drama.

Yes, the couple parted ways back in October, but that doesn't mean Grande's fans have let this one go.

You may recall that Davidson recently revealed that he has been struggling with cyberbullying from Grande's fans.

He took to Instagram to share his feelings on this sensitive subject.

And now, Grande has called on her fans to be more aware of how they treat others.

On her Instagram stories, she addressed the treatment of her ex-fiancé, according to reports from Nylon.

Next to a screenshot of Davidson's Insta post, Grande wrote, "I know u already know this, but I feel I need to remind my fans to please be gentler with others. I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity. I care deeply about Pete and his health."

For those who don't know, Davidson has previously been open about his struggles with borderline personality disorder (BPD). He has also discussed his suicidal ideation.

In her note, Grande also dove into the meaning of her hit song, "Thank U, Next."

“I will always have irrevocable love for [Davidson] and if you’ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point," the singer wrote.

Many people rallied around Grande's sentiments online, expressing their shared belief that Davidson shouldn't be cyberbullied simply because the relationship didn't work out.

One person said that "hating on [Davidson] can lead to really bad things."

And this person didn't mince any words about the whole situation.

It's probably for the best that everyone let these two be and move on just as they have.