Despite a difficult year, Ariana Grande continued to further her music career and go on a worldwide tour to support her top-selling albums Sweetener and Thank U, Next. 

Fans have noticed that the 26-year-old frequently breaks down during songs that allude to her past relationships with the late Mac Miller and her short-lived engagement to Pete Davidson. While showing emotion onstage is nothing new for the record-shattering singer, fans have recently expressed concern for Grande, causing her to share a lengthy statement about her mental health, which she quickly deleted. 

During a recent performance of "R.E.M." in St. Louis, the singer broke down in tears. 

Grande couldn't make it through the chorus of her hit song, famously about ex-boyfriend Davidson. Fans sang along loudly to support the artist while she held the mic out to them and covered her face. 

One fan wrote to Twitter along with a video from the set, "omg i luv her sm i rlly hope she takes this off the setlist if she needs to."

And that's not the first time that's happened. Another heartbreaking moment came during the Pittsburgh performance of "Thank U, Next." Pittsburgh was Mac Miller's hometown. 

During the line in "Thank U, Next," in which she references ex-boyfriend Miller, Grande completely broke down in tears, understandably. The entirety of the show was emotional, but through the comfort of her fans and backup dancers, she was able to make it through. One fan felt emotional watching their overwhelming support, "Her backup dancers and the crowd though? I’m about to cry," they wrote. 

One fan who attended the concert said they could feel the sadness in the arena. 

Some shows are more difficult for the singer than others, and clearly her most recent performance took a toll on her. 

One fan wrote to Twitter following the show, "Ariana cried during R.E.M. tonight and she could barely get through the song. Needed us, the crowd, for support. I was like, "'C'mon Ariana you can do it!' I'll never forget it. I felt sad watching #swtSaintlouis."

Fan and celebrity update accounts like Pop Crave were quick to save the deleted message she shared about the struggles she faces performing these songs.  

Grande has shared that performing these songs is heartbreaking work. Grande went through an unbelievably difficult year, but came out strong enough to continue performing. In a lengthy message, the singer shared all that she is grateful for on tour, including her bus driver Kurt, who restocked the pickle supply when it ran low, and  all of her backup dancers, the band, and her supportive friends who come along to many of the shows. 

Grande wrote in her now-deleted post, "No matter how hard it gets or how many feelings come up that are screaming at me to be processed and sorted through one day, i'm grounded by gratitude and promise not to give up on what i've started."

Grande shared that she is still processing intense emotions while working through an exhausting tour: "I feel everything very intensely and have committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when i'm still processing a lot... so sometimes i cry a lot! i thank u for accepting my humanness."

After some fans suggested that she take a break or cut some of the difficult songs from her set, one fan noted that she knows herself well enough to make those decisions. 

The fan wrote, "Ariana has said multiple times that if she didn’t want to tour she wouldn’t so stop telling her to cancel the tour every time she cries! i’m pretty sure she knows what’s best for herself and wouldn’t carry on if she didn’t think she could do it."

And then they continued, "After everything she’s been through it’s normal for her to get upset whilst performing these songs. showing emotion and crying isn’t always a bad thing and ariana has even said that tour is healing for her."

While fans are worried for her, messages like the one she shared help them know that she is taken care of. 

Grande has a strong fan base of fiercely loyal and protective followers. One was concerned that she wasn't taking enough time to heal: "I am genuinely concerned for ariana grande she needs time to grieve and to collect herself this constant pushing oh her to be on tour is obviously not good she’s been crying on stage every night my heart hurts for her," they wrote in a tweet.

Grande spent July 8 replying to multiple fans to assure them that she feels well enough to continue on with the tour. 

One fan suggested that she take the difficult songs off her roster, and that they'd be happy to see her perform anything. They wrote, "Stop. singing. songs. ur. not happy. w. singing!!!!! we are here for ANYTHING literally ANYTHING. could even be a whole set of u breathing." 

Grande replied, "I will not put myself in harms way. i’m healing thru this experience & happy to be doing it with u by my side. sometimes we have waves of sadness! that’s okay. i’m not afraid of it. love you. these shows have been making me really happy lately, even the tough parts."

Grande certainly has tears left to cry, but it's all part of the process of overcoming tragedy in the best way for her.