Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande was just spotted out with ex-boyfriend and Riverdale star Graham Phillips. The two dated for about three years and broke up in 2011 but remained friends. They were spotted on Monday having dinner at a popular Italian restaurant. 

Whether it was a date or the two of them were just spending time as friends, we don't know, but they were reportedly in that restaurant for two hours. Plus, a source said they looked "very snug." Grande is reportedly single and focused on her upcoming tour, but this isn't the only ex she's been spotted with recently. Just this month, Grande was seen with ex-boyfriends Ricky Alvarez and Big Sean. 

Ariana Grande was spotted in New York Ciy with an ex. 

Last Sunday, in NYC, Grande was seen with Riverdale star Graham Phillips, whom you might know better as the treacherous Nick St. Clair. The two met during the Broadway production of 13 and dated from about 2008 to 2011. Even after the breakup, the two remained friends, but Grande seems to keep the door of friendship open for a lot of her exes. 

The two had dinner, which definitely could have been a date. Or not. Who knows.

TMZ reports that they had dinner at the popular Italian restaurant Carbone, although it's not really clear what this dinner was supposed to be. Were they there as friends, or was it a dinner date? Neither of them has said anything about their time together so far. 

It looked like Grande and Phillips really enjoyed their evening together.

Sources said the pair of them had dinner at around 9 p.m. and stayed for about two hours. One source even said the two looked "very snug," and that comes with some heavy implications. "Snug" definitely implies romantic physical contact, but it could also mean that they were comfortable talking to each other. No other real context was given, though. 

Despite this seemingly date-like outing, a source insists Grande is single. 

A source spoke to E! News to say that Grande is in fact single. She is just "catching up with people that she once cared about and had a connection with." The source also said that Grande's main focus is her tour, which starts later this month. She isn't thinking about one particular guy or that aspect of her life, reportedly.

Grande was recently spotted with another ex.

Ariana Grande and her ex, rapper Big Sean, were seen leaving a music studio together in LA about two weeks ago. Pictures caught the two in a car with one of Grande's dogs. That encounter could have been something romantic, but it also could've been music related. They have worked on music together before. 

And Grande was also spotted with a third ex earlier this year. 

In January, Grande was also spotted out with ex Ricky Alvarez. The two were seen walking around NYC together, but it doesn't look like anything romantic happened there either. The two weren't even spotted holding hands. Alvarez met Grande when he became one of her tour backup dancers. Some fans hope that they will reconnect while on the upcoming Sweetener tour together. 

Alvarez, in fact, appears to be joining Grande on tour again this year.

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He didn't actually say he is, but a post on his Instagram from January suggested it. He attended Grande's "7 Rings" party, and Grande commented, "See y'all on touuuur." Alvarez also took some professional shots of Grande that he posted to his photography Instagram account. So he could be dancing onstage next to Grande or taking pictures of her onstage. 

But this all appears to be in the name of friendship — Grande's pretty sure she's going to stay single for a while.

In a tweet at the very beginning of the year, Grande tweeted that she was going to be single "for the rest of the year/probably my life." She also said that if anyone has any questions about who she's dating, they can refer back to this tweet. Grande hasn't been linked to anyone new this year, so it looks like she was serious about this tweet. 

Grande's exes, for the most part, also appear to have moved on.

Big Sean dated singer Jhené Aiko for a while after his breakup with Grande. Aiko even got a tattooed portrait of Sean on her arm, full color and everything. But it looks like they have broken up. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but Aiko got her Big Sean tattoo covered up. And being seen with Grande didn't help those breakup rumors. Plus, Aiko's "Wasted Love Freestyle" is rumored to be about her breakup with Sean. 

Especially Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson and actress Kate Beckinsale have been dating for at least a month now. Davidson also just addressed their age gap on Saturday Night Live by saying "it really doesn't bother us."