Ariana Grande high ponytail headshot
photo: Getty Images

For pretty much all of Ariana Grande's career, she has rocked the high pony

The long-locked ponytail is a staple of her image, so anytime she tries a different look, fans can't handle it. It perches on the very top of her head and cascades down to her waist, but at her Sweetener tour performance in Chicago she had a very different style. 

The artist has revealed some struggles throughout her tour, but still took to Instagram to share the fun she had at her Chicago show. Fans fully freaked out at her out-of-the-ordinary look and went on Twitter to share their feelings about the new hairstyle. 

At her Chicago show, Grande let her hair down. 

While she still maintained her impossibly long extensions, they were no longer pulled back into a perfect pony. Her dark, long mane hung well below her waist and was pin-straight and parted down the middle. Fans were obsessed with this look and shared videos from her show. Grande captioned this post on Instagram, "defying gravity," most likely because of her green hue as an homage to her all-time favorite musical, Wicked

The rest of her Chicago show was pretty standard aside from the new 'do. 

Grande sang all of her hits from Sweetener and Thank U, Next, including "Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored." She also wore her standard cropped top and miniskirt costume combinations and danced along with her crew. 

The new hair look, however, was enough for fans to post countless videos and images to social media praising the hair-down style. 

That infamous "7 rings" lines hit a little differently with her new look. 

In "7 rings," Grande has that divisive line, "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it." Some people criticized the line, originally, as cultural appropriation, while others thought it was empowering. Regardless, it has been quoted endlessly, and fans shout it out at each of her Sweetener shows. 

When she stepped out with an entirely different look, however, she took a minute to ask fans what they really thought. "What about my hair? Do you like my hair?" she asked the crowd, to which they responded with shrieks of support. "Gee, thanks, just bought it," she finished out the line. 

Fans are all about Grande with her hair down and think she should change up her usual style. 

One fan posted a video of Grande singing "bad idea" and wrote, "ariana grande keep ur hair down ALWAYS." Other fans shared in this sentiment and also asked Grande to switch up her style more often. "This hair is EVERYTHING," one person commented on her Instagram. Another fan tweeted, "She singing Breathin with her hair down is the [redacted] perfection." 

She performed the entire show with her hair down, singing new songs and some classics. 

Grande loves to sing a few throwback songs at her performances. She has performed "Dangerous Woman," and at this show she sang, "Break Your Heart Right Back" from My Everything. This fan shared a video of her dancing along to the throwback jam. Her hair is tucked behind her ears to stay out of her face during the show, but it swings around as if it has a mind of its own. 

Grande makes regular appearances on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show. In one episode, he poked fun at her iconic look. 

Fallon joked that the singer's ponytail had a mind of its own in this sketch. Grande asks the host if he'd like a drink in her dressing room; instead of getting up herself, her long pony snakes through the room to get it for him. In one hilarious moment, her ponytail saves a woman from losing her purse to a thief and has its own growling voice. 

When Grande first performed "God Is a Woman" live at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, she wore her hair down. 

Grande opened up her Chicago performance with the fan-favorite number. She wore her hair down for that song, somewhat unsurprisingly, but when she continued the show with the new style, fans were shook. Grande performed her Last Supper-inspired choreography from the VMAs on tour as well. 

Even though fans were obsessed with the hair-down looks, this tweet suggests it's not here to stay. 

In 2018, Grande tweeted that her signature ponytail is an extension of herself. The singer wrote, "i’m jus ....... supposed to have a high pony u kno? some things are just meant to be and this is jus one of those things." Despite fans overwhelmingly positive reaction to the new look, it's most likely a onetime thing. 

Fans will just have to look back at these pictures she posted to revel in the long hair-down glory. 

Take a long hard look at these pictures Grande posted on Instagram, because the new style is probably fleeting. The artist shared this behind-the-scenes shot eating blueberries before her performance of "thank u next." Fans flooded her comments with compliments on the look: "girl w the gourmet inches," one person wrote. Another comment reads, "I want her hair."