This week just isn't the best for Ariana Grande. In terms of her music, she's doing very well, but getting new tattoos hasn't been going her way as of late. The singer recently got a tattoo in Japanese that's supposed to say "7 Rings," after her latest single. 

But Japanese speakers were quick to let her know the tattoo actually translates directly to "BBQ Grill." Though she tried to write the flub off as a simple incompletion, Grande went and got the tattoo "fixed" only to find out it's still wrong.

Ariana Grande "fixed" her palm tattoo.

Ever since Grande messed up her Japanese palm tattoo, she's been trying to explain away the misspelling. But it looks like she accepted the mess-up and attempted to get it fixed.

But the tattoo is still not at all what she intended. In fact, it still says "BBQ Grill." She just added the word "finger" to the end of it.

Shortly after fans pointed out her initial misspelling, she revealed her attempt to resolve the severe mistranslation. But now her tattoo is far more random than it seemed before.

This tattoo can be translated different ways, which makes the addition that much more confusing.

It looks like Grande added the kanji for "finger" in an attempt to alter the meaning of the original text. But because it is split into two different lines, the tattoo is harder to understand based on the way Japanese text is supposed to be read.

Grande apparently hired a Japanese tutor who helped her get the tattoo right this time around.

Maybe she should have gotten the tutor before the first tattoo to avoid this whole issue. Grande texted with someone she called her "tutor" to understand how the tattoo should be spelled. She showed a screenshot of the conversation to her Instagram Story.

At first, the tattoo said "shichirin." That's a small Japanese BBQ grill. 

When Grande first got the tattoo, Twitter was quick to let her know just how hilariously wrong it was. Even though she intended to get the words "7 Rings" on her left palm, the translation ended up being the name of a small portable grill. 

She tried to explain the mishap in a series of tweets that she quickly deleted.

When she first noticed her tattoo was wrong, she said that she opted out of getting it when it was already halfway done, because it was so painful. It must've been pretty dang bad for her to have settled for "BBQ Grill" instead of "7 Rings."

She posted a picture of the now-updated tattoo and said that it's "slightly better."

She thanked her tutor for helping her and thanked her doctor for the lidocaine shots that slightly numbed the pain. At the end, she even said she would miss her little grill tattoo. But she won't have to miss it too much. The internet is forever. 

Grande has been studying Japanese for years. 

She didn't decide to get that tattoo completely uneducated. She's been studying the Japanese language for years. This tweet of Grande's from January 2015 said she was going to Japanese classes at the time. That makes me question these tattoo choices even more.

She's been using the language heavily to promote her upcoming album Thank U, Next.

Grande's album cover features Japanese characters on her album cover, and there's also a lot of Japanese language and culture in the "7 Rings" music video. She's also been tweeting in Japanese more often lately.

Some people are calling Grande's tattoo (alongside the "7 Rings" video) cultural appropriation.

Grande has shown her love of Japanese culture over the years, but some people think that she's using the culture for her own aesthetic to the point that it's no longer respectful. These people make a good point that not getting the entire tattoo due to pain suggests she only cares about Japanese on a superficial level. 

Some people theorize that she didn't get the tattoo at all and that it's a total fake.

Grande's hand looks particularly shiny in the initial picture, suggesting she edited the photo with FaceTune and who even knows what else. Grande even captioned her original tattoo post, “This felt super good … jk (everyone thinks this is a fake hand, but it’s indeed… my hand).”

She knows how weird it looked.

At least the tattoo will fade quickly thanks to its location.

The palm is not a popular tattoo spot not just because it's painful, but because it's one of the most touched parts of the body. And parts of the body that are always touching or rubbing against things (think of all the things you do with your hands) don't hold tattoo ink for long. 

Let's give her some tattoo ideas: "7 Rings" edition

Maybe Grande just needs some help. Maybe all of her friends need to get matching tattoos in the same language. A tiny tattoo shared among all of Grande's besties seems like something she'd be down for.

Maybe she should have tried another language?

We know she loves Japanese, but if you aren't too knowledgable about the language you're getting a tattoo in, it can be really easy to fudge the spelling. Learn from Ari's mistakes, kids!

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