Ariana Grande hair
photo: Getty Images

Ariana Grande has been switching up her signature ponytail more and more these days

With unnaturally straight hair down to her butt, it's hard to imagine the singer with any other style. But her actual hair texture is incredibly curly, and the length is above her shoulders. The 26-year-old has shown off the cute bob every once in a while on social media — almost always with a filter. 

The celebrity's hairstylist Josh Liu shared a rare shot of the star with her hair looking all-natural and totally healthy. 

Grande's curls are healing, so maybe they'll be making a more public appearance soon. 

Celebrity hairstylist Josh Liu shared this filtered shot of Grande with her shoulder-length curls looking as bouncy and healthy as ever. Apparently they've been working to make her hair healthy again after years of extensions, bleaching, and dyeing. Liu wrote, "Natural curls coming in strong with a little tlc." 

This sneak peek had fans truly shook and dying to see even more of Grande's natural look. 


Another fan agreed that these curls should go on tour ASAP. They wrote, "Josh, convince this woman to go onstage with her curls." Grande wowed audience members in Chicago on her Sweetener/Thank U Next tour when she wore her extensions sans ponytail in a super-long and -straight style. Maybe this look is next. 

Grande joked that this childhood photo is what she actually looks like when not in full glam. 

The short curly bob on a young Grande is so cute — it looks just as good in her adult years. Little has changed, she noted in a shared childhood photo to Twitter. The artist wrote, "If i’m honest ..... this is still exactly what i look like without lashes and my pony ..... anyone who knows me knows me knows ..... like .... i’m twenty five. i was five here. the only difference now is that hand now says bbq grill finger." 

Grande first shared her curly hair with fans back in February, and ever since they've been obsessed. 

Grande's intense fanbase looked deep into the archives to find old pictures of the star with her curly hair after seeing that old picture on Twitter. The fans begged to see the singer's natural look, and Grande did not disappoint. One fan replied, "i need pics!" and Grande shared a filtered shot of her natural shoulder-length curls. 

Way back in 2014, Grande explained that her Nickelodeon show Victorious was to blame for the fried locks. 

When Grande was first testing out the extensions and her iconic ponytail, she received some backlash. The young star took to Facebook — the best form of communication back then — to set the record straight. After years of bleaching and dyeing her brown hair, she was left with fried ends and had to try out new styles. Now the ponytail has become a staple of her look, and no one would question it. 

"I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first four years of playing Cat... as one would assume, that completely destroyed my hair," she shared. 

The ponytail is what works for Grande then and now. She wrote in 2014, "So as annoying as it is for y'all to have to look at the same hair style all the time, it's all that works for now (AND I'm comfortable for the first time in years)...."

Of course, natural curls were never really her thing — the ponytail has been a constant well before her days in the spotlight. 

Grande shared an old photo once again, but this time she's more recognizable as her self today. The singer joked, "if anything .... she’s consistent." Even since childhood, the ponytail has made Grande feel the most like herself, so she'll keep rocking her favorite look. 

The pony is here to stay, but props to her for getting those natural curls healthy and glowing. 

Four years later she still felt strongly about the ponytail and its ability to give her confidence. Grande wrote on Twitter, "i’m just ....... supposed to have a high pony u kno? some things are just meant to be and this is jus one of those things." The singer should wear her hair in the style that makes her feel most comfortable. If those natural curls make a debut, we'll know that it took years for her to get to a point where she can rock them confidently.