Any time Ariana Grande messes with her staple hairstyle, it can feel monumental, so her latest hair change has fans' jaws on the floor. 

Amidst her world tour, Lollapalooza set, and "Boyfriend" music video release, the 26-year-old has dyed her hair — or is wearing an extremely convincing wig. Celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton, who has worked with Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Jenner, posted a picture with the "Thank U, Next" singer teasing a very long, very lavender ponytail. 

Other than a platinum blonde moment during the Sweetener era, Grande has rarely touched her chocolaty brunette locks. And, of course, she almost never strays from her sky-high ponytail. 

For an undetermined reason, the singer has completely changed up her look. 

Appleton posted this behind-the-scenes photo touching up the lavender look on the artist. It's unclear when this photo was taken, and at her most recent appearance at Lollapalooza she was back to her signature style, so clearly it wasn't a permanent change. However, the lavender locks could mean a new music video or another surprise song from the musician. 

"Lavender pony’s change lives," Appleton captioned this post with a purple umbrella emoji. Start sleuthing, Arianators. 

From the looks of her dark roots, it looks as though the silvery purple color is natural hair and then acquires some help from plenty of crimped lavender extensions. But the look could have also been achieved through the magic of wigs. 

Earlier in her tour season, she debuted an ultralong hair-down look, and fans were in awe. 

During her Chicago performance of the Sweetener/Thank U, Next tour, Grande performed with long extensions left hanging below her waist. The singer liked the look so much she kept it for a few days afterward and posted plenty of snaps to remember it by. 

In one post, she gave Miley Cyrus a shout-out — "everyone go watch miley’s black mirror episode immediately she is brilliant and i love her" — and reminded fans that this long-hair look was staying: "also my hair is down again." 

Something fans never, ever get to see is her natural curls because they're so damaged from the color and extension treatment. 

When Grande shared an old childhood photo, she shared that when she's not all done up, this is actually what she looks like. Some curious fans tweeted at the star, begging for a sneak peek at what she looks like without any extra tresses. One person replied, "i need pics," and the artist sent a mirror video playing with her tiny curls. 

Grande had a slightly newer hairstyle in the music video for her brand-new song with Social House, "Boyfriend." 

In a behind-the-scenes video, Grande made fun of her middle part and the slightly different alteration in her high-pony look. The voluminous style was still pulled up out of her face but parted right down the center. 

"Oh, wow. Oh, God. This center part," she exclaims in the beginning of the video. "Whose head is that?" she asks later on. "Who the [redacted] hair line is that?"

Ariana Grande and Social House performed their collaborative song live for the first time at the Lollapalooza set. 

At the festival, Grande wore costumes similar to those she wore during her headlining performance at Coachella. The singer powered through her biggest hits and closed out the night with "Thank U, Next," but the highlight was when Social House joined her for their song together. The artist shared a message of gratitude with her fans on Twitter after the festival.